Aspirin Helps Reduce Cancer-Death Risk, Study

New study shows taking one aspirin a day can cut the risk of dying from cancer.
1:56 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Aspirin Helps Reduce Cancer-Death Risk, Study
Now two important news for your health aspirin -- most comment on the world. May cut the risk of dying from many types of cancer this according to new studies in the British Medical Journal the lancet and the headline here. Taking one aspirin a day for five years cut the overall risk of dying from cancer by 15%. So. Should we all start taking aspirin doctor Karen Latimer -- position frequent contributor to ABC's healthy living joins us now. And -- insist on the people who took aspirin and aspirin every -- less likely. To get cancer to have the cancer spread to die from cancer so should we all start taking aspirin well. Wait a minute. And the -- is huge just don't completely impressive because it gives us a huge body of evidence the first only really had to say that there is. Possibly a very positive link between aspirin and cancer but I do think it has to -- and people have to. Consider a lot of things before they just start popping aspirin every -- looking at specific types of cancer breast cancer obviously in the foreground so important -- millions of women can it help there. You know it's interesting because at first -- when you look at the studies it's looking more gastrointestinal cancers but if -- look a little closer there is some hope for breast cancer. And I think it's very interesting we're -- -- see some things pan out it'll be more research but. It definitely some hope that it does sound easy you take an aspirin a day three to five years and again your rates of contracting cancer die of cancer from -- reduced but there are risks involved in taking him of course nothing is -- in their risks every medication the -- of aspirin most notably. Are bleeding gastrointestinal bleeding and intra -- hemorrhage so there are certain people who should not take aspirin -- you're the expert here obviously Derek says it does is twist to make how do we make it. Make it with your physician. Don't -- to the pharmacy right now start popping -- there is -- certain people who should absolutely taking aspirin day and there are some people who shouldn't and is gray area in between in the Stephanie conversation you wanna have with your talk with your doctor cautious optimism from doctor Carolyn thanks so much about the.

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{"id":15968689,"title":"Aspirin Helps Reduce Cancer-Death Risk, Study","duration":"1:56","description":"New study shows taking one aspirin a day can cut the risk of dying from cancer.","url":"/GMA/video/aspirin-helps-reduce-cancer-death-risk-study-15968689","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}