'The Assets' Writer Releases New Thriller Novel

Drew Chapman's book "The Ascendant" is about an unprecedented attack on America's economy.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for 'The Assets' Writer Releases New Thriller Novel
Join but -- Chapman who's having an epic January about to release his first novel the ascendant and international thriller about an unprecedented attack on America's economy. Plus she's the executive producer and head writer of ABC's Brett new spy thriller miniseries the assets which debuted last night have a warm welcome this morning for through -- -- -- Thank you got -- to listen for you know my friend that was make fun of -- because -- give away these plots they say but so I will give it away the -- DVR from last night for those of you at home but for those who didn't watch this thing really started to get. -- moving last night because we lose. One asset. Over the Soviet Union yet we lose one asset and then right away afterwards at the end of the episode. We see that there is a defector coming in from the Soviet Union we don't know -- he is -- what he's about. And an episode two he's -- -- sort of get the plot really rolling and we'll. In the mysteries unfold from there there's Aldrich -- the man who portrays him he was with us here -- -- -- yesterday morning who ends up. Obviously the real life stories that he's the trader Visanthe Grimes is the real life. A woman behind the story she was the CIA agent who was a mother a wife. And keeping this hidden from her husband and her family at home that is the part of the story that I just. Love I mean it's just fantastic here's this woman she's a suburban soccer mom -- she's a devoted wife. She's a devoted mother and at the same time she's CIA officer she's like saving the country she's keeping us safe keeping democracy safe. And it's just like that fantastic combination she could never tell. Her family any of it I can't underestimate you gotta watch this at home -- -- cracked the case as this unfolds again next Thursday night is the next one and watch it. The first one of abc.com if you haven't seen yet the international thriller though. It's the next big project you've got going on this month the book the ascendant. And this is based and you involving our American economy and I just wandered in and in reading about the book. How much it was based on the 2008 collapse of a -- that really was for America well I mean it was terrifying and I remember sitting there watching just stocks plummeting banks freezing up and I just. I thought this is. This is this amazing thing where we're -- layers of the onion are being peeled back all of a sudden we're seem like -- inner workings of the American economy and and this this thing that we. Only rarely get a glimpse of you know like this this kind of this invisible world and part of it was. You know we only get a glimpse when people like Edward -- show up and they dump massive amounts of data to the press and all of a sudden we see you know. What's going on. -- -- -- -- and so if you can sort of are reporting this last year in history will tell. Sort of how he's looked back upon for revealing the sweeping surveillance program but your book talks about 200 billion dollars stolen from our economy and I. I won't -- won't give it away where the trail leads to but again it's very close to what we read the papers just about every day. Well yes so that the book basically is about -- -- he's a bond trader. Wall Street and his specialty is pattern recognition. The beginning of the book he discovers that somebody is selling off massive amounts of US treasuries to attack the American economy. And then he gets recruited by the military to help figure out who's doing it why they're doing it. And how it can be stopped and what makes it -- -- -- it could happen in real life and -- -- Thanks for being here with us this more thank you so best of luck with the book and would be assets which continues again next week on ABC Thursdays at 10 PM eastern 9 central.

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{"id":21409919,"title":"'The Assets' Writer Releases New Thriller Novel","duration":"3:00","description":"Drew Chapman's book \"The Ascendant\" is about an unprecedented attack on America's economy.","url":"/GMA/video/assets-writer-drew-chapman-releases-thriller-ascendant-21409919","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}