Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Divorce: What Happened?

Robin Roberts talks to Logan Levkoff and Alicia Quarles about the split.
3:45 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Divorce: What Happened?
Joining us now Associated Press entertainment reporter Alicia quarles and relationship expert doctor Logan left -- is back with us so let's talk about this. -- Yet we actually broke the story is because -- a good relationship with her team but this is this is sad but I won't say shocking. Courts are allegations in September that he had he had cheated on her they've been tweeting back and forth she says that this development has around back he says don't believe the highest. This about the statement in another joint statement it was I have decided to leave the marriage that's different because normally when a celebrity couple he received a joint statement exactly exactly the things very different she said that as a mother as a wife they're certain about the -- -- state -- who can read in the that would she will. And all of its typical but CNN oh definitely definitely difficult especially on dinner when you're in a fishbowl like -- -- but also people are burned. The age difference. Are playing and then she was a bigger star than he was when they first got together. Does that all play it beautifully talent doesn't think age gap relationships that two people in different stages of their life maybe they'll older -- less likely to be -- -- -- But we really didn't -- that because his career the ride the wind parent and she had younger children the time's up. I don't get the sense that this is what this was about I mean I think we were really rooting for them in the beginning to dip buying that image I think -- -- just from the beginning wording for the. All along yeah and then it. They even lot of sense of which is very unusual for celebrity -- from Twitter as you wouldn't -- -- -- and I was on the red carpet at 2003 when they made their first red carpet appearance together and everybody was like. Kids anymore with Ashton picture. And in the ticket to Twitter she's got mrs. pitcher that -- photos of each other out there they've -- -- back and forth reportedly stopped calling her so when you put it -- -- like that you better be ready for its coming up. Pressure and tremendous not a pressure and really -- -- -- should be personally should be included and they put everything out there and -- -- celebrity couple's crash and -- like this before and we really want to feel like a relationship was genuine but when it all after you start to see cracks people get -- says. -- and I have to say this Demi was here a couple of months ago right before the rumors hit the tabloids and the staff noted how. Incredibly thin and frail she -- and people tell -- if your husband is accused of some of sleeping with someone. Half your -- it has to take a whole lot you can actually takes a toll and an added pressure that everyone is talking about it's it's not just that you're dealing with these issues in -- Being a relationship one on one. But you have the added scrutiny of every one else but certainly not good for your what do you -- implored. I think having gone for -- instead be amicable split. She is the bristles for thirteen years they are still very good friends -- addresses many he's taken 750002. And a half men. To me more -- what that made a 150 million dollars I think that they will go forward that they they're DNA charity together so that will be interesting to see that happens there. It because they have worked together so closely. And those projects that are -- didn't tell the very dear. They both of the -- -- there isn't an added challenge to -- -- surviving your acts when there is the betrayal. And in actions -- tweet about his marriage of the demise of his marriage he talked about his marriage not yelling but. If you betray someone then you -- your marriage and we don't know if that's the case but relationships and take work but they do take effort you are thrilled about that we were not particularly. She put -- her own statement -- couple minutes later I guess he had to pick out his and had a forty characters or less and -- whether. So I am yeah I get the statement he could put -- a -- -- -- -- a few more words -- more -- -- thank you very -- the president you -- always good to have you thank you very -- this -- of course who wish them both. The -- us.

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{"id":14981220,"title":"Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Divorce: What Happened?","duration":"3:45","description":"Robin Roberts talks to Logan Levkoff and Alicia Quarles about the split. ","url":"/GMA/video/asthon-kutcher-demi-moore-divorce-happened-14981220","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}