Athletes, fans divided over Trump's Kaepernick comments

Stars across the sports world came out against the president's fiery rhetoric about the former NFL player, who took a knee during the national anthem in quiet protest last season.
6:04 | 09/24/17

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Transcript for Athletes, fans divided over Trump's Kaepernick comments
Intense response to the president's comments coming not just from players but also from fan ESPN's Ryan Smith covering that part of the story from outside MetLife stadium where the New York Jets we'll play a little bit later today. Frank good morning TO. Good morning data Paul you know its stadiums like these Sundays are for football but after president Trump's comments and criticisms. Today's about so much more stars across the sports world of speaking out about what one called the president's divisive rhetoric. This morning the president fiery words setting off a national fire storm. There's no use them. Com sports. As the platform to try to divide overnight Oakland a's catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB players to Neil during the anthem. I really can't remember the momentum. Building on something like this. NBA star Kobe Bryant beating a code is whose name alone creates division and anger whose words inspired dissension and hatred. Can't possibly make America great again a wide range of opinion shared by NFL fans across the country. For our president to say anything but every once they have with a flag would be rejected. We have flagged. We have a president in this country and I think that allows people do its best so they feel I agree with the president we should be more respectful of but the way. Meanwhile former NFL star Reggie Bush tweeted he rather taken need for Colin Capra neck before standing with Donald Trump. I would say that odds are that two day you will see the most unified. Group of players dealing for the national land them that you have ever seen. And just this morning in London in reaction to the president's comments players on both sides of the field the jaguars in the region's. Show their solidarity with players who have decided to Neil. RH Ryan. We have former NBA player and has been host Jay Williams standing by to join in the conversation. You just heard from Daryn we're about he expects a unified presence from NFL players but what type of reaction might be expected stadiums around the country today. Why they. I think while again Daryn had it right on the head the idea is today we could see more protests. Of the flag that we've seen ever before at this point I don't think anything specific has been planned yet. But I think what will be interesting is how the players respond we've seen it online we've seen it from stars and sports stars. All across the sports landscape a folks wanting to make their opinion heard and we could see that in a variety of different ways today. On the football fields Taylor bring you in this have been a somewhat lonely quest for Colin Capp predicted most admit one poll shows that nearly half of Americans. Oppose what he's been doing he's been unable to get a job as a consequence many people feel. And but are we at a point now where because of Donald Trump actually. We could see a lot more peoples the streaming to calling capped her neck. Yes I do either I think first off he's galvanized this whole sport's community in I think this is really funny as an ex athlete get this whole statement. Stick to sports yeah now people say downtown Los that the politics but he's open that door for other sports athletes. You know I Eva Brian James staffing curry Chris Paul the basketball community come into this plays well also I think today's going to be. A very special day where you're going need to hear a lot of voices really come to support Carl Kaplan. In just kind of on that note Tunisia said stick to sports you hear that all the time when people really don't like it when. Sports are politicized but at the end of the day do you think this will benefit the world of sports. It's interesting the wants the colts are continue to grow because what I'm finding is it becomes more divisive if you say anything politically or on line. People automatically attack you and I think we think about the flagging thing about the American ideals. And why those ideals is the First Amendment is freedom of speech he should be able to protest as long as peacefully done. I think you'll need to learn how to support and dis respect each other but our president continues to pour fuel on the fire of all this chaos he loves to control the chaos. Let's go back to Ryan for second Ryan yeah it it's hard to ignore. Racial component here the president. Went on this. When on this jag on Friday night in front of a largely white audience. But what what's your view on the racial component here. Why I think there's a lot of talk now about coded language you think about what he said disrespecting our heritage. We to that largely white crowd I think there's a lot of folks out there the look at this and say. Why are you really trying to stay here you know. When you talk about if somebody doesn't do what I think they should be fired if they're speaking a point of view even peacefully protest is Jamison they should be fired. You know these players. They're not chattel they are people and they are people who have a point of view just like a ordinary citizen out there so I think. A lot of people today are responding to the idea of this coded language. That just because you're making a lot of money you don't have a right to say which you want to say whereas in the same time not too long ago. He was respecting the opinions of others in Charlottesville that many people felt we're using very divisive terms. Holding different items that were very scary for many people. Yeah and yes they have ownership but they're not products and and on that note you know most of these owners. Eight of them donated to prison terms inaugural campaign but what kind of pretty predicament as this put that meant to choose between them basically their political allegiance to their players. I think they're gonna Jews are players and Roger Goodell was always came out statements as saying hey this divisive talk is not the talk of the NFL needs. Andy you have no other. Direction to go other than to support your players are not doing anything malicious now where they bring count government back to a team that's different he brings a lot of media attention. Even though his quarterback rating is better then. All the backups and have to starters he belongs on the field it's a matter of somebody having the moxie to step up and do the right thing which is a bring a great quarterback back to them. Jay Williams and Ryan Smith we thank you both thank you astute analysis on a Sunday morning we really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Stars across the sports world came out against the president's fiery rhetoric about the former NFL player, who took a knee during the national anthem in quiet protest last season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50054988","title":"Athletes, fans divided over Trump's Kaepernick comments","url":"/GMA/video/athletes-fans-divided-trumps-kaepernick-comments-50054988"}