Atlanta Archbishop Decides to Sell Mansion

After Catholics spoke out against his lavish lifestyle, Archbishop Wilton Gregory decided to downsize.
3:00 | 04/06/14

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Transcript for Atlanta Archbishop Decides to Sell Mansion
a change of address for a catholic archbishop living in a huge mansion. O outraging the members of the church who want the simplicity set by pope Francis. Here's Steve. Reporter: Wilton Gregory agreeing to downsize. I'm disappointed in myself and I don't intend to do that again. He started unpacking the boxes at this brand new $2.2 million Atlanta mansion when catholics began to complain. What happened to the simple life, they asked? Pope Francis is celebrating the poor. He listened to them, we have phone messages and e-mails from around the world. Reporter: He's decided to sell the 6,000 square foot residence with the elevator, two dining rooms and a panic room upstairs. It's around the corner from CEOs and athletes. These original plans called for a wine sell lar and Chand leer. Margaret Mitchell donated the land and the money, instructing it to be used for charity. He will move out in may. I have decided to sell the property and invest the proceeds into the needs of the catholic community. Him not even realizing this was just bad judgment. We all make bad decisions. I'm glad they are going to sell it. Reporter: He may need to rent a home. The residence he left before moving into the mansion is no longer available. It's being turned into a rectory. ABC, Atlanta. These things no longer fly in the pope Francis era. Thanks. Now to a big fight over a

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{"id":23212235,"title":"Atlanta Archbishop Decides to Sell Mansion","duration":"3:00","description":"After Catholics spoke out against his lavish lifestyle, Archbishop Wilton Gregory decided to downsize.","url":"/GMA/video/atlanta-archbishop-decides-sell-mansion-23212235","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}