Attachment Parenting the Big Thing in Child Care?

Actress Mayim Bialik talks about parenting in her new book, "Beyond the Sling."
4:55 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Attachment Parenting the Big Thing in Child Care?
Could attachment parenting be the next wave in child care of -- -- -- be Alec has anything to do with it the answer is an emphatic yes she's -- the ultimate hug it -- style of parenting. In her new book beyond the slaying. And she said -- -- to teaching to talk about it welcome back. Controversial -- They're very controversial you know my embryology has been in show business and she was a kid and she's -- -- -- on glitzy approach and -- parents. You know we're all willing to make huge sacrifices for kids but here's what -- -- does. She doesn't have diapers she doesn't his formula she doesn't have date nights a nanny or traditional schooling by any cents. But the most controversial aspect of her parenting is what seems the most -- Connolly. It was her dead on portrayal of a young Bette Midler in the movie beaches that put her on the map. As a teenager she started her own hit TV show -- I think you're going to second base. Then she went to UCLA and earned a PH -- in -- time it's safe to say my MB knowledge is not your typical Hollywood TV star. Lost touch with us. The Miami and her husband are raising six year old Myles and his younger brother -- -- attachment parents meaning she nursed on demand sleeps in a family bed. And attended to their needs as babies by being physically attached to them as much as humanly possible. So -- say they've never put down. But he rarely put down there are rarely put down we stayed home for forty days the first forty days of both Americans lives. I was pretty much on that couch or in the -- It is a total surrender to the apparent and it's not valued in this culture. But -- Are you then surrendering your life using your terminology on behalf of your kids. You are surrendering your sense of autonomy before you had children to an entirely new identity that will never look like it did before you -- -- -- kids she kept her identity as an actress starring in Big Bang theory but at this moment I find myself craving human intimacy and physical contact. -- But it's a role she auditioned for between nursing sessions for her second son who she's still nursing you're pressing a three -- a lot of people would say what do you -- I'm meeting the needs of a child -- almost son being a baby but he's not done. I know it's unusual but like -- said when you surround yourself with other women who are intelligent educated. Loving have incredible children who they nursed well past three and a half. I can see that I don't get to say what's right for someone else. My m.'s new book beyond the -- argues attachment parenting is how prime -- and humans raise their babies throughout history. For five they also practiced elimination communication or micro was parenting that's right no -- -- even on newborns who attended. You admitted in the book that when Ewing -- only -- for the first time you found it -- -- these are crazy they have no Lyons was there. Problem there -- you heard. And -- honestly as their kids got older I saw some really fascinating relationships emerging. And I saw parents who did not governed by fear did not rule by fear and also had fulfilling -- some. Miles is -- charming musician and talented artist he is lots of friends and interests in the months sleeping with his parents. -- really cute and look fat. And I'm not speaking joining in the world and seeking more and I will tell the truth did you jets nor did -- Miami is the first to say she knows her style of parenting is not for everyone and she's heard all the criticisms and negativity. The American academy of pediatrics warns against sleeping with babies and the city of Milwaukee even made public service announcements what do you make of that. Don't sleep with a butcher knife and that's what -- -- that seriously lowers your reaction besides I think it's. It's hitting a very emotional place. And not not a rational one. And I think that -- sleeping it needs to be taught. And this is not about top. -- public health officials say the fear is that newborns will get smothered either by a pillow or. Parents are getting stuck between the wall on a bed in -- says her family practices -- sleeping which can involve guard rails are just moving the furniture. But the biggest dangers involved a parent being impaired in some way -- in with drugs or alcohol or even sleep deprivation which I would argue. Is the definition of parenting and a better watch out -- it. But on May. You know that you also solutions and something called on schools and -- schooling is not just home schooling it's allowing the kids to dictate the curriculum and that sort of timing of Becker -- so. Maybe there's three piano lessons then maybe there's no piano lessons for three weeks -- can you -- -- -- a lot more tonight on Nightline. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Actress Mayim Bialik talks about parenting in her new book, \"Beyond the Sling.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15849262","title":"Attachment Parenting the Big Thing in Child Care?","url":"/GMA/video/attachment-parenting-big-thing-child-care-15849262"}