Authorities Warn Residents of Huge Sinkhole

Some Florida homeowners are at risk to another case of the natural phenomenon.
1:34 | 07/20/14

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Transcript for Authorities Warn Residents of Huge Sinkhole
It was a sleepless night for people in central Florida. Their homes threatened by a huge sink hole. Michelle Franzen has more. Reporter: This morning, a sink hole has residents in this Florida neighborhood on alert and on the move. Very scary. Out of in where, the Earth went straight up in the air. Exploded straight up. Dirt and everything. Then fell down. Reporter: Take a look. Chunks of pavement sliced up and sliding into a hole 30 feet deep, 120 feet wide. It's the latest scare in the state where officials say sink holes are a fact of life. Since 2010, nearly 300 depressions. The ground behow this home swallowed owner Jeffrey bush while he slept. His body was never recovered. Back in spring hill this morning, officials are monitoring the depression's growth. As witnesses say it nearly doubled in size in just a few hours. Now police have closed that area until further notice. And engineers are assessing the damage to decide how to deal with it. How do you deal with a sink hole? Some of the quick fixes could be filling it up with sand an cement. Or moving. Or moving if you can. We're going to stay in

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{"id":24637359,"title":"Authorities Warn Residents of Huge Sinkhole","duration":"1:34","description":"Some Florida homeowners are at risk to another case of the natural phenomenon.","url":"/GMA/video/authorities-warn-residents-huge-sinkhole-24637359","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}