Autistic Boy Found Alive in Virginia Forest

Boy found after being alone in wilderness for six days.
2:20 | 10/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Autistic Boy Found Alive in Virginia Forest
A missing child story with the best. Possible outcome an eight year old autistic boy who had been missing in the wilderness all by himself in Virginia for six days he's been found he's okay. And EB c.'s TJ Winick is here with the details TJ good morning. Dan good morning to you such a great story such a happy ending. -- reportedly broke out -- search command post when little robber was found Friday afternoon even the professionals involved with search and rescue this past week. We're clearly moved. There is a guard. He listens to prayer. And prayers were answered. An emotional Hanover county sheriff announce -- so many of hope for over six long days. This eight year old autistic boy Robert Wood junior missing since Sunday was found alive. -- survived five nights outside alone despite new food in near freezing temperatures. It's amazing it's incredible and I think. His parents on their prayers and come drill. Robert who is severely autistic and doesn't speak ran away from his father during a family hike. The response from the community was immediate and overwhelming. Driven by faith and hope. 15100. Virginians scoured railroad tracks ponds and woods -- Richmond. Why do it. Is something in your gut tell -- -- -- This is what you need to to. In men and about 2 PM Friday the miraculous discovery. The blond haired blue eyed boy was found in the fetal position fully clothed lying in a creek bed at a quarry. It was about three quarters of a mile from where he went missing. He's awake he's alert just looking at -- smiles when -- season's Stanley is. Spirit. -- was taken by helicopter and finally reunited with his family. From -- father Robert senior forward as a very strong and determined little boy we never gave up hope that he would return home safe. What -- was actually found by a worker at that quarry not one of the search volunteers he is being treated at the medical center in Richmond. Of course this could have had a terrible outcome we're just so thrilled. For Robert and his entire family this morning around what a great outcome and before the weather changed thank you -- --

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{"id":14841108,"title":"Autistic Boy Found Alive in Virginia Forest","duration":"2:20","description":"Boy found after being alone in wilderness for six days.","url":"/GMA/video/autistic-boy-found-alive-virginia-forest-14841108","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}