Avalanche Kills 2 in Wyoming

Clayton Sandell examines what is causing the high number of avalanches in 2012.
1:55 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Avalanche Kills 2 in Wyoming
Out of those deadly avalanche is out west to more skiers losing their lives in a fatal wave of snow in Wyoming the warm weather. And lack of snow this season is actually making -- dangerous in so many areas right now and ABC's -- -- -- has the latest. A desperate search for two experienced back country skiers lost in grand teton national park. Thursday rescue teams discovered a 3000. Foot avalanche near where the men went skiing on Wednesday -- gloves. And the helmet that we knew. We're in the -- area. Our helicopter picked up emergency beacons but Rangers on snowmobile soon confirm the worst. Friend Steve Romeo and Chris on offer swept thousands of feet downhill were dead. On -- -- worked at the Jackson Hole mountain resort and was a volunteer firefighter. Super inspirational person -- getting out with them. It's so much energy for the mountains and he -- that an NG to everyone around him. Rodeos motto was live his -- Atlanta popular blog using video to share the adventure and the risk is he's -- here because -- -- snow begins to pile up. And I get a little nervous that happens. Across the west avalanche season has been deadly 27 people killed. We had a very dry start to the seasons -- the early season snow which was very shallow that turned into a very weak foundation. An -- putting new snow on top of that and we're putting -- heavy load on top of every -- foundation which is creating very unstable conditions. Avalanches can powered downhill at 120 miles an hour -- As one swallowed snowmobile or Tyson -- -- Sunday in new top under ten feet of cement like snow until this friends dug him out. Avalanche season experts say it will stick around for the next couple of months until the danger melts away. Well Good Morning America Clayton send -- ABC news Denver.

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{"id":15884075,"title":"Avalanche Kills 2 in Wyoming","duration":"1:55","description":"Clayton Sandell examines what is causing the high number of avalanches in 2012.","url":"/GMA/video/avalanche-kills-2-skiers-wyoming-15884075","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}