Avastin Loses FDA Approval

The best-selling cancer drug can no longer be used to treat breast cancer.
1:45 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for Avastin Loses FDA Approval
The FDA has issued a major decision about the best selling cancer drug in the world -- the agency has revoked its approval of -- for the treatment of breast cancer. And ABC's -- Davis has more. Linda Arnold a mother of two has been breast cancer free for two years. She believes she is alive today. Because of a vested. As soon as I started to take it I could feel that TOR. -- -- within the first week of taking it but the FDA said on Friday after an exhaustive review of the science. There is no evidence the drug helps breast cancer patients live longer or improve their quality of life. Only that the drug causes dangerous life threatening side effects. It's a heart wrenching decision pitting experts and studies against some of the 90000. Breast cancer patients who believed the drug works. -- -- -- Employee to keep the best in available for those of us who already seeing it happen. And when the experts announced their findings emotion spilled over. -- -- out and win it yeah. Of -- is still approved for colon and lung kidney and brain cancer patients. But now breast cancer patients who use it and aren't covered by Medicare will have to pay out of pocket. For Linda Arnold that will -- 8000 dollars every three weeks which she and many others simply can't afford. -- had an eleven year old and a fifteen year olds. And I want to see them grow up. She wants to stay on the drug for as long as she can she's afraid if she stops. Cancer may come that. For Good Morning America Lindsey Davis ABC news.

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{"id":14988426,"title":"Avastin Loses FDA Approval","duration":"1:45","description":"The best-selling cancer drug can no longer be used to treat breast cancer.","url":"/GMA/video/avastin-loses-fda-approval-14988426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}