How to avoid counterfeit solar eclipse glasses

With the total solar eclipse just one week away, Dr. Jennifer Ashton shares how to shop for the right protective eyewear for viewing the solar eclipse.
3:38 | 08/14/17

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Transcript for How to avoid counterfeit solar eclipse glasses
Is everyone excited about the solar eclipse? Yeah, we're going to talk about that with Jen because, you know, you got to be careful. You can't just look directly at it and so people are very concerned about this. And because you could injure your eyes. It's a highly anticipated event. It'll take place Oregon, south Carolina, you have to use special glasses to avoid serious damage to your eyes and Dr. Ashton is here with -- to help us find sure that we make the right ones. So thank you for that. A lot are excited about it. There's a lot of concern and Amazon is out in front of it. The risk is damage or potentially loss of your vision. The danger is very real. And if you think about it, it's because on a Normal day no eclipse you look at the sun for a few seconds. It's too bright. You can't stare at it but in a partial solar eclipse you can be lulled that you can look for longer than Normal. Even some minutes and really do damage so Amazon very, very concerned. This he put out this statement overnight saying we ask third-party sellers that were offering solar eclipse glasses to provide actual documentation to verify their products were compliant with relevant safety standards. Sellers who did not provide the appropriate documentation have been removed and customers who purchased from them were notified last week and they've -- Amazon also even offered to issue refunds to many so of those customers who purchased these. Counterfeits out there. How does that affect your eyes. Let's go to medicine a science of the eye a little bit 101. If you think of the eye like a big magnifying glass its job is to take that light and registers it in the back of the eye and magnifies an image we see. When it can be burned which is a condition called solar retinopathy. These are burns on the back of the retina, that little yellow dot there is a burn that can cause permanent damage and that might not give you any pain because there are no pain sensors in the back of the retina. All you would see is blurred vision a couple hours later. Last night I spoke to Dr. Jack Dugan. He said they are very concerned that people are going to either use the wrong glasses or look up at the sun and do some real damage. Aren't some hospitals giving out some glasses. They are. They are. You thought we were doing a scene from "Scandal" and I would interrogate you here. I want to just show you. Here we go. You'll answer everything I ask you. So these are counterfeit. These are real. I want you to pick up these on the side. This is a pair here. A real one. Now, this is the way that you can tell if you're using real glasses when you put them on first of all let's say in your kitchen, everything should look black, right. Everything is black. Nothing should get through. If you look at let's say a 60 or 100-watt bulb. Do you see that film. You can look at it. That's how you know these are real. Weird. Yes. Look into the light, robin. The light bullbe. When you see the filament you know you need to use an unfrosted bulb. These are real and I might go to Charleston to see the eclipse. Why don't I just wear my sunglasses. It doesn't block the uv rays and there are no pain sensors on the back of the eye so this is not going to hurt you but it will damage your vision so take it seriously. Please do. Full approved list of glasses on our website and tune in next Monday for full coverage of the eclipse. David will be anchoring our live special at 1:00 P.M. Eastern on ABC. Make sure you have glasses,

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"With the total solar eclipse just one week away, Dr. Jennifer Ashton shares how to shop for the right protective eyewear for viewing the solar eclipse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49198674","title":"How to avoid counterfeit solar eclipse glasses ","url":"/GMA/video/avoid-counterfeit-solar-eclipse-glasses-49198674"}