Avril Lavigne Tweets Pic of Her New 17-Carat Bling

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:09 | 08/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Avril Lavigne Tweets Pic of Her New 17-Carat Bling
? The irrepressible, unstoppable Sara Haines with "Pop news." Take it away. Thank you very much, Dan. That was lovely. First up, better put on sunglasses because Avril Lavigne's new diamond ring is absolutely blinding. Take a look at this. Whopping 17 carat, count them all from her husband Chad Kroger for their one-year wedding anniversary and where do you go after that? Is he a billion mare. He's not anymore. After Ville tweeted this photo saying, wow, I love my hub by. Wow, indeed. But now looks like she might be regretting that not so humble brag and removed it from Twitter and Facebook. Either regret for the weight of that ring on her finger caused her to accidentally hit the delete button. Kim Kardashian, you think? Who am I? Where do you go from there? You got to build up. Start small, Chad. The paper anniversary will be tough after that. One of Dan's favorites trending right now, Katy Perry's brand-new video "This is how we do" receiving 4 million views since it landed on youtube Friday. ? Basically 24 hours. Can you believe it? Note this is how we do ? In 4 hour. 3.5 million came from Dan. Most of those -- Refresh, refresh. And possibly some of those may have come from Barack Obama. At a white house dinner Thursday the president introduced Katy Perry before her performance remarking she is a wonderful person and one of his favorite singers and I think Dan can confirm you said how amazing she is. Yes, I went to see her a couple of days ago, maybe ten days ago and was fantastic. Aside from being a fan girl of her talent you said she was lovely. I think I'm a fan boy but -- I go et confused because it is Katy Perry and you were at her concert. Ron will investigate. Exactly. Allegedly. Nick Jonas might be best known as a teen pop sensation but all of that is about to change. Take a look at him now. He's starring as a prize winning fighter in a new show on DirecTV called "Kingdom" centering around a family that runs a mixed martial arts studio and trying to do as many fight scenes without stunt doubles as they can and apparently have the bruises to prove it. Amazing transformation. Low carb, I can assure you. Finally I want to introduce you to butterfly. She's less than a week old and she's what's known as a get. Half goat, half sheep. It was a total surprise. They had no idea butternye's mom and her dad, a goat called Michael, a goat named Michael were romantically involved. Is it legal? It depends what state you're in. Goats and sheeps don't share the same number of chrome soaps but ity it was magical. Really cute. I want chihuahuas or geep for my next -- I'm not getting a 17-carat ring. Happy birthday to my dad too. Happy birthday. Papa Haines, happy birthday. Back with more geep.

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{"id":24819068,"title":"Avril Lavigne Tweets Pic of Her New 17-Carat Bling","duration":"3:09","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/avril-lavigne-tweets-pic-17-carat-bling-24819068","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}