Awkward Family Pet Photos

Dan Harris chooses favorite pictures from an unforgettable family photo album.
3:45 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Awkward Family Pet Photos
-- -- -- He is the balancing state Bernard and guess what he's -- Well. He's done that better than some people he's just jumped on top of it. -- -- -- -- I had all of us that governors and you know we take pictures of them had some were proud of some. We're not so much but involved -- That's all the -- is king of kings that's me as a young won't like a nice -- I would not have now blow -- that wow that was human. I was little -- -- help me he worked as its state gets like this summer in America -- we cannot sit. A similar ones I'm a little while it was so that we and. Often family photos they are back Dan Harris Scott up with a new pet addition it is up prices again once -- I got everybody's heard fields about not judging a book by its cover but this cover photo -- let's tell you everything you need to know about this new book called. Awkward family pet photos. There are dogs in costumes -- -- still -- Dogs being lovingly strangle -- dogs in funny outerwear and dogs contemplating being in. Universe alongside their owners bearcats do cats wouldn't eat cats kids see dailies and being manhandled by daily. And has -- hell -- really is when in this notre. All these pictures were lovingly infuriated by these two -- There's a great photo. The guys brought his cat to visit the Easter Bunny and the cat. -- so freaked out. It's it's a perfect example of -- and as we go due to do things without pads of course that's. I just completely confused. It is one of the things that -- Blew us away it was all the different types of pets that people have obviously we know people on dogs who have cats -- -- but then we started get photos of people win. Skunks and raccoon. And Parsons and sugar gliders -- guiding you know existed Ferris. Farm animals are being. It was a great portrait. Family has taken a portrait in the delineation fish and -- win. Snakes and crocodiles. -- lizard you can imagine. My vendor and does turn back got their start with a web site and a book of -- -- Stanley photos. But they noticed that the ones with pets where the most popular. It's a different dynamic is -- different relationship and you talk about people in their -- people do anything for their pads. Anything like put them in funny poses in the leg warmer in the Braves. Patriotic costumes. Or pose an opponent with a -- Win this skeleton of it. -- -- It isn't the pads that are offered -- -- us you know we're in the awkward ones where the ones who make the situation opera because. We love our pets you know so much we dress them up and outfits we give them. Dancing games we -- them elaborate birthday parties. To celebrate the holidays -- Really -- are never awkward look what this dog is doing today's child -- did this past. Or check out what's happening in the background of this pictures. Or this picture of course all of this animal behavior is easily understandable as nature's imperative that some of the human behavior in this book. Closing two dogs knicks to a person in a rather scary bunny suit or putting -- -- here -- agree with two children. Or this -- -- weird shot of the human behavior here is really hard to wrap your head around. It all illustrates the depth of the love we -- -- our heads Stevens if we have a funny way of showing.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Dan Harris chooses favorite pictures from an unforgettable family photo album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14864687","title":"Awkward Family Pet Photos","url":"/GMA/video/awkward-family-photos-pet-edition-14864687"}