Maine Toddler's Father Discusses Girl's Injury

Justin DiPietro aims to set record straight about daughter Ayla's broken arm.
1:51 | 01/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maine Toddler's Father Discusses Girl's Injury
We have new clues now or whatever that -- tolerant went missing three weeks ago from her father's home. He told ABC news this week and he's fed up with speculation he's responsible for disappearance. And this morning ABC's Andrea canning has new details about the last night Taylor Reynolds was seen as Robin said her grandmother speaking out for the first time. Over the weekend -- -- grandmother Phoebe -- he -- speaking out for the first time told CNN she's certain her granddaughter was abducted. It was a very creeping feeling to think that somebody had been. Case in your house that they have been watching within these activities. Did teacher provided new details about the night now 21 month old a -- went missing. After the child's father put her to -- to be true says while she was not in the house that night other people -- people she won't identify. She also talked about oddities in the house after a -- went missing but wouldn't elaborate but she says she's told police everything. It was father Justin did -- -- was also speaking out wanting to set the record straight about little -- was broken arm. Did -- -- says his daughter broke her arm while he was carrying groceries in one arm and -- in the other. He claims he slipped and fell on a wet surface -- he was entering the side door of his home. He says he would never intentionally hurt -- that it was an accident -- You lose another twister Reynolds has questioned just its treatment of their daughter while in his care. She left the baby with him while in rehab we spoke to her as she held it was brother should I felt the time he could get her a little bit more than I -- -- not like I didn't want tar. The and I didn't want her and I do want our Reynolds says she continues to lose sleep over her missing daughter were messing -- -- I -- -- -- Since matter come home for Good Morning America Andrea canning ABC news Waterville Maine -- -- -- since.

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{"id":15320366,"title":"Maine Toddler's Father Discusses Girl's Injury","duration":"1:51","description":"Justin DiPietro aims to set record straight about daughter Ayla's broken arm.","url":"/GMA/video/ayla-reynolds-missing-maine-toddlers-father-justin-dipietro-15320366","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}