Ayla Reynolds' Mother, Grandmother Angry at Father

Dan Abrams explains how attitudes toward girl's father affect investigation.
2:48 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for Ayla Reynolds' Mother, Grandmother Angry at Father
Or now by -- legal analyst. Dan Abrams dance what's the difference here between the missing persons case that a criminal but I think for the purposes of this investigation not much because I think they've been pursuing a possible criminal investigation from day one they just need to rule out. The possibility that the child is somehow left that this wasn't some sort of criminal activity. But you also have to wonder whether the authorities are trying to put the heat. On someone here because it's not a fundamental difference in how they're going to do what they're doing. You have to ask yourself are they trying to tell someone out there hate. We're now treating this crime. And as always with a case like this before missing child you look -- the last person man who happens it father and that really. Rule them out completely and his behavior is -- -- for example. He's saying it would regard to speaking to the media he doesn't want to do that because it -- morning hinder the investigation. I don't know what that -- in a piece like this where there's a missing child out there. Parents generally want to get as much information and as much attention. Today case into the public's fear they want people to look they want people to know about it furthermore. His acts the mother is saying look I've been trying to reach out to a he won't take my calls he -- we've been in contact so there's definitely some bizarre behavior going on here. By the dad and you can tell that the family members are starting to. Tenants say hay ride what's going -- -- of the grandfather a lot and Edmonds is peace and you bring up his acts it was mother. Putting it mildly a lot of domestic -- more. Oh no question that the reason that -- -- was in his custody was because she was going through substance abuse program. The two of them no question we're having issues she claims that she was going to go ask for sole custody. Those are all factors we don't know exactly what to make of those at this point. But it does make you wonder. Whether there's something involved within the family although again the authorities are gonna continue to look at the possibility. That it was one of those extremely. Rare stranger abduction and also heard Lindsay say at the end of her report. -- -- -- -- 30000 dollars. Limits -- -- -- -- you don't you don't think in cases like this it really makes I don't look -- a super high profile case the authorities tend to get tons of tips people wanna be helpful. And they want to provide information as a reward helps pay in terms of getting attention to it when you get a larger -- And B if there's that reluctant person -- is the person you're saying you know I don't wanna get involved but and then they see Iraq. You know what actually a big reward in this case may be I will. On the whole though I think convict him most of the people who we're going to offer tips tend to offer tips tend to talk these sorts -- -- -- hopefully they get a break yeah anyone release them.

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{"id":15272794,"title":"Ayla Reynolds' Mother, Grandmother Angry at Father","duration":"2:48","description":"Dan Abrams explains how attitudes toward girl's father affect investigation.","url":"/GMA/video/ayla-reynolds-mother-grandmother-angry-father-15272794","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}