Aziz Ansari on 'Epic,' First Celebrity Crush

Comedian chats about his role as a slug in the upcoming animated feature "Epic."
3:03 | 05/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aziz Ansari on 'Epic,' First Celebrity Crush
Things are about to get epic at the movies for kids this weeken the classic tale of good versus evil is now set in an enchanted forest inhabited by boggens and other characters including two unlikely heroes, a slug and snail named mub and grub. Take a look. What's going on, baby girl. Talking snails. Actually he's a snail. I'm a slug. No shell over here, baby. It just slows me down. Rolling, right? Big fun. Look what you do with your jaw. Yes, that! We are the official pod caretakers, sir. You can't survive without us. We keep it moist. Moist is what we do. All right, joining us now is the man behind the slug, aziz ansari, whose voice is mub. How are you? Hi, good experience playing the slug. It was really fun. Normally I play human beings, indian men so it was nice to stretch out a little bnd play a slug, yeah. How do you find your motivation to be mub the slug? You know, when I was filming the picture I did gain some weight to get in the right mind-set even though it's an animated craft, I am committed to my craft and, yeah, it was fun. I know you've done some of these animated films before. You played a rabid rabbit in "ice age 4." How does this stack up, the experience of "epic." Heroic tale. These are these heroes. You're going to play a slug. There's all these things happening and you're -- how do you get where you're the lead and you're a slug? They're like, hey, do you want to do some voices in one of these movies and it's always really fun to do those movies and it's fun to do like a kid's movie and stuff so I'm always excited to do them. When you go into the booth, are you there with the other characters? With the other actors. Yes, for this, me and chris o'dowd recorded some of our stuff together. Chris playing the snail. Chris plays the snail, grub, so we were kind of a duo so we were together -- what's the dynamic between mub and grub. I think they're good friends but mu bment, my character is kind of a little bit annoying at times and grub tries to keep their rep up but mub is always doing silly things. Kind of a great role to play, right. It's fun. In the film you'll see amanda seifried. You go after her. You want that woman. My slug character thinks he has a shot with some human women which is pretty cool. He's pretty confident in himself so, yeah. All right. Well, aziz, we love having you. Everybody, check out the epic film. It is called just that, "epic" and opens nationwide this weekend. Thanks for getting up early to be with us.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Comedian chats about his role as a slug in the upcoming animated feature \"Epic.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19224380","title":"Aziz Ansari on 'Epic,' First Celebrity Crush","url":"/GMA/video/aziz-ansari-interview-2013-comedian-epic-celebrity-crush-19224380"}