Aziz Ansari Has the Secret to Finding Love Online

The comedian's new book, "Modern Romance," explains the biggest mistakes people make when looking for love.
6:15 | 06/16/15

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Transcript for Aziz Ansari Has the Secret to Finding Love Online
index" and this morning's hot button, "Modern romance." Online dating changed the landscape of love, comedian Aziz Ansari is trying to help us navigate through it all with his brand-new book called "Modern romance" and Aziz is here live to discuss it but first Jesse palmer has a look at love in the internet age. That's right, Amy. Love in the internet age. You no he, when it comes to looking for love there's more than just an app. There are countless dating sites and smartphone apps with all of these ways of screening for soul mates. Is romance more within reach than ever before? It's the hot new book called "Modern romance" taking a stab at cracking the code to finding love in our digital age. Research shows that nearly 40% of Americans have used a dating website or app and 35% of couples who married within the last ten years said they met online. You people that are married been in long relationships you have no idea what it's like out there right now. Reporter: So comedian Aziz Ansari teaming up with sociologist Eric kleinen berg set out to put it out there and came out with data of their own and designed a massive project which included hundreds of interviews and focus groups done all over the world and then created their own form on Reddit where thousands of messages help formed the basis for the conclusions in their new book, the roo result an in-depth look at how much dating has change the from a generation ago and a breakdown of how people really behave online when looking for love with a road map. For single people I would say it's not only necessary but critical you use online as one option. Reporter: They outlined some conclusions in "The New York times" on Sunday. One, people filter too much. Too much specific about what they want. When research shows that people who really don't know what they want. Two, picture does not make perfect. There is too much emphasis placed on what people look like. And, three, we all need to go slower. Give a relationship a chance to grow and not to give up too quickly thinking there's someone more perfect out there online. All right. So apparent I have to rethink my profile pic. In that "The New York times" piece they emphasized online dating sites are a place to meet people, not to actually date them. Anthropologists saying these sites should be called introducing services and should save some vetting when you see the person in person would seem to make sense, Amy. Human contact. It's really, you know, something. Yeah. I mean, hello. So we're happy here to have Aziz Ansari with us. Talking about his book "Modern romance." And finding love in the digital age. Aziz, we all know that obviously technology has changed the way we date but you say you found in writing the book it changes how we view love and marriage. Yeah, you know, we interviewed a lot of people in older generations and went to retirement homes and different places and we gave them a bunch of doughnuts and asked them to talk to us about their relationships and what's interesting is people in the older generations that we talked to, they would marry people that lived pretty close to them. All these crazy studies show people would marry people who lived one out of 12 people in Philadelphia married someone in the same building. And married young. Married very young and date people for a few months, the parent was meet and say, yeah, this person won't murder you and they would get married. It wasn't this search for, oh, this -- Perfection? Perfect soul mate. Yeah. It's a big difference and I think that's why a lot of people now are frustrated trying to find this perfect thing. That doesn't exist. Maybe, may or may Mott. All these people think they found the answers. The key question could be do you like horror movies? Do you buy that Jo. They said like people fill out all those profiles and make you answer a million questions. Are there any questions that seem to kind of predict that people end up doing well. It was random stuff like do you Mike horror movies. Agreeing on that ended up ending showing some success. Ultimately all those dare for whatever those things do, it doesn't really matter. Ultimately just like meeting a person and realizing -- Having a conversation. See if you can imbibe were them. I think you have all these questions, do you want someone with this, that or whatever but what you're really looking for someone you can hole and watch a few hours of a critically claimed drama with and go to bed. Aziz, you talk a lot about first impressions. We all place too much on them. I liked your analogy you compare them to music. We might hear a song and think, ah, eighth okay but what you do you know before you know it we're singing it and becomes one of the ones we can't stop singing. Yeah, we're all like a drake song, you know. You first hear it, okay, I've heard this before. What's your advice. Keep listening to the people. Like spend -- I feel people go out once, oh, yeah, he had a weird hat on or something and it's like, all right, hang out with the person a little bit more. There's just so much science that shows the more time you spend with people. You think there's too much choice out there. That's the thing that people when we interviewed young people they said a lot. There's just so many options out there. So much choice and, again, a lot of science that shows like whenever there's more options it's actually harder to make a choice and when you do you're less satisfied. Now you're told don't settle. Don't settle. I have a question for you. You gave pretty bad examples of texts men have sent to women like the generic first text to a lady, hey. Can that ruin a relationship before it even gets started. It's not that it will like ruin a relationship but it's like, okay, it was interesting because we just looked at people's real phones and have like hundreds of women's phones that we looked at. When you see what dues are texting them, a lot of it just like what are you doing? And it's like, that's not going to really help you -- That's a conversation starter. It doesn't help you stand out. I'm surprised it's not what are you wearing. There's that too. Morning television. Right, sorry. Obviously "Nightline," I apologize. Hide your phone, Dan. Educational read and funny. Aziz's book "Modern romance" available now, check it out.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"The comedian's new book, \"Modern Romance,\" explains the biggest mistakes people make when looking for love.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31797273","title":"Aziz Ansari Has the Secret to Finding Love Online","url":"/GMA/video/aziz-ansari-secret-finding-love-online-31797273"}