Baby Born in Chimp Haven: Who's the Daddy?

There is a baby mystery at a Louisiana retirement home for research chimpanzees.
2:10 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Baby Born in Chimp Haven: Who's the Daddy?
In the Louisiana retirement home for research champs a baby chimp born on Valentine's Day. Has people wondering when the Thaddeus and it's hard to tell exactly who's behind me well monkey business maybe -- -- government has a look at the prime suspects. Groups did it again. Apparently there's more than shuffle border my John going on at -- -- it. It's a retirement community for former research -- quite a lot of -- swinging. Nudge nudge wink wink -- care staff members to. That -- might have a stuffed animal that she was holding and -- she realized that it was an infant chimpanzees -- on February 14 Valentine's Day. Cupid delivered and 29 year old -- gave birth but what really drove this step bananas. The conception itself he seek every -- she appeared gets a vasectomy the Sunnis -- Iraq. But it seems like that -- doesn't always do the trick five years ago Conan -- sly fox became the proud father of Traci. And now here we don't yet paternity tests a group of potential pop buzz it's like an episode of Jerry Springer I needed -- -- So whose ministry -- this time. Rape case -- group leader with those bicycles clearly crossed. Magnum vacate the dark -- done one of -- -- -- The rats for mucking around with the ladies and perhaps -- true case of the circle of life basic -- last month with them. From the on the grave. -- has lightning and -- struck twice a veteran of two vasectomies. Has been showing lots of interest in the new baby. Sometimes -- things like this happen and we're gonna take the best care this may be just like we did with baby Traci so as the unnamed so puzzling nozzles away. -- paternity tests are underway and of course pregnancy test lots of them. Could there be others for Good Morning America -- Gutman ABC news plan.

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{"id":15756515,"title":"Baby Born in Chimp Haven: Who's the Daddy? ","duration":"2:10","description":"There is a baby mystery at a Louisiana retirement home for research chimpanzees.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-born-chimp-haven-retirment-home-daddy-15756515","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}