Baby Born in Moving Car: Father Drives, Films

Viral video shows a woman giving birth in the passenger seat of her car.
9:34 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Born in Moving Car: Father Drives, Films
Stunning baby on board story an expectant father racing his wife at a hospital. And she's -- -- over the big. Wanna wait a warning and some of the video legacy may make you little squeamish Josh of ABC's Bob no warning by the way they'll label warning at all fair assessment -- -- -- gosh what. Announced his seat is an everyday miracle taking place on a highway. The very pregnant Jennifer Russell and her husband Zachary were -- their two door compact car. Driving 45 minutes from their home to their birthing center where they planned to deliver their second child. But -- -- just couldn't wait. A minute into the bride Jennifer in the passenger seat to deliver her. -- I didn't expect that at all and there was difference and proud public desperate to capture the moment. Gave new meaning to multitasking. With a video camera in one hand and the wheel and the other he never even stop the car that is their biggest fear the frame with a good. And and it's. -- stand on the road. I'm -- the did real well. Jennifer an elementary school teacher was now doctor nurse and patient all rolled up and -- even I'm wrapping the umbilical cord from around her daughter's next. By the time water -- -- arrest warrants and two I felt pretty good and I didn't think you're gonna happen that fast. She even made a few phone calls to announce the news. From now at home with their healthy bundle of joy. They played a treasure that car as much as the video has to be her first vehicles seeking -- let me play I was born right there. Eight pounds and baby willow without any one collection even -- surprise that the rapid labor because her first child took twelve hours to deliver at the hospital. So we've seen. Deliveries in libraries airplanes elevators hopefully one and the GMA -- and you can deliver actress trash receptacle. Yeah you think so yeah yeah we'll ask her about that how she feels about it I think her husband will pull over at the car if she asked where wondering why he didn't and it. It tells a second baby -- used yeah exactly what -- and a.

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{"id":15437649,"title":"Baby Born in Moving Car: Father Drives, Films","duration":"9:34","description":"Viral video shows a woman giving birth in the passenger seat of her car.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-born-moving-car-father-drives-films-15437649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}