Baby Chloe Abandoned: The Search for Her Parents

Steve Osunsami reports the latest news in the case of the abandoned Texas infant.
2:09 | 03/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Chloe Abandoned: The Search for Her Parents
The infant who has captured the city -- Houston her name baby -- and she was found abandoned. Wrapped in a plastic bag by a woman out walking her dogs this morning the scramble to find this baby's parents. And the unusual clue that could break this case here's ABC's Steve -- and -- She's just the cutest little thing in the world with a smile that melts your heart. A little more than a week old and already a tiny tooth. Her doctors and -- caretakers tell us they're falling in love calling her their baby Chloe. Last week she was found outside -- Houston apartment building by a woman walking her dogs. More than likely to mother did not have any kind of -- made. Prenatal care. She weighed just four pounds doctors say she was born preterm. And the paramedics who treated her say she clearly had just entered the world. Police are hoping her mother or some other relative comes forward to either claimed her or officially allow another family custody. And hopefully once we get all that sorted out that he will be facing a loving home. There is -- -- -- a storage of people who want her. They're so determined there working with the most successful sketch artist in the state the same shape the minute -- -- And Lois Gibson says she tried to interpret what the girl's parent might look like. By studying the entrance features it will recognize that smile -- -- a ready smile. And then -- -- do is put -- take a close look she says the focus on the faces these images might resemble her parents. Investigators are also looking closely at that cute little bottom two a unique genetic -- even just one out of every 2000 births. Nearly 20% of the time that early -- can be tied to a Stanley history. Across Houston -- -- can't believe no one has yet come. Forward authorities say the child could have been left at a police or fire station but with instead left right here they plan to charge the parents if they can find them. If they fortunately they're taking calls from around the world. From families begging to adopt the -- beyond. All right Steve never understand these stories like him because dropped for profit hospital what have you -- statements. Hopefully hopefully they find those parents --

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{"id":18635837,"title":"Baby Chloe Abandoned: The Search for Her Parents","duration":"2:09","description":"Steve Osunsami reports the latest news in the case of the abandoned Texas infant.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-chloe-abandoned-search-parents-18635837","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}