'Baby Daddy' Stars to Compete for Twitter Followers

Actors seek to engage their fans during the first episode of the new season.
3:26 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for 'Baby Daddy' Stars to Compete for Twitter Followers
Hey, everybody. The men of "baby's daddy" are back. They are all with us this morning. The last time we saw these guys, they bravely took on our baby diaper changing challenge. You know we love a game here at "gma." So, we have a whole, new contest for them. First, we want to get the inside scoop on their upcoming season. Let's look at it first. Whoa. What are you thinking, huh? Are you ready to make new baby friends? Remember, no sharing your pacifier. You're nt kind ofgirl. I don't know, man. Are we sure that this place is legit? Because it looks fine to me. All right, everybody. Here they are. The stars of "baby daddy," which premieres this wednesday on abc family. Hi. Welcome back. Hi. Have you recovered from last year's baby diaper changing? I have nightmares about it. Take us a little bit into season two, within your relationship and dealing with baby. Oh, man. Well, she's growing now. Yeah. We're just getting used to her, you know, aging. Aging. Aging. She's not that much older. She's getting a little older. She's mumbling now. Our characters are getting more comfortable with taking care of a newborn. Hilarity ensues. I know you are head writer. Hey, heidi. I want to ask you something about I read. You play roommates on the show and you're roommates in real life. They do, yeah. It's basically a frat house. How did you escape? Oh, I'm very clean. So, I would die if I lived with them. I'd want to clean everything, at all times. Maybe you should move in. S like you are the perfect roommate. We have a new challenge for you. This is -- it's supposed to look like that. It now looks like this. You have one minute on the clock. We're doing this right now? You're baby daddies. Ready? Three, two, one. Okay. Look out. On this side. Pull that out. Oh, wait. I want to help so bad. Ten seconds on the clock. No pressure. We did it. There we go. It's there. Amazing example of parenting. We obviously know a lot about babies. We learned a lot from the show. Did you go to nanny school with amy robach? We're definitely signing up. Everybody, the wonderful fellas on "baby daddy." It is so fun. Ginger zee, now, with the

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{"id":19264112,"title":"'Baby Daddy' Stars to Compete for Twitter Followers","duration":"3:26","description":"Actors seek to engage their fans during the first episode of the new season.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-daddy-stars-compete-twitter-followers-19264112","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}