Baby Lisa: Is Cadaver Dog Hit Reliable?

Dan Abrams discusses implications of FBI dogs picking up scent of a dead body.
2:52 | 10/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Lisa: Is Cadaver Dog Hit Reliable?
Gonna bring in -- legal analyst. Dan Abrams now so many more twists and turns with us and that's report you saw the cadaver dogs picking up one hit in the bedroom when He -- about. Look at that's indicative. Of what they say it was which was a deceased body but it's not infallible it doesn't mean that they now have the proof that they need to move forward. Cadaver dogs are used both. In the investigative phase and they can be used a when it comes to the trial itself but this is far from the end of the question and I think that -- just leading to more. Is it a little odd for the family's lawyer. To allow camera crew and the family's home like that it's a little -- -- -- got to balance now. Not antagonizing the police too much. We're trying to respond to what the public is seeing look. When the grounds for search warrants are the fact that -- these dogs detecting aid. A dead body. That's not good for your -- And I think that it's smart of the attorneys to have some sort of public response. Does that public response need to be showing the entire house no. And I think that it's dangerous for the family attorneys to start saying well look they only took six items here from the home this is not what you're shopping trip. You don't go into the store and say what I like this the world and take out a lot of items that's not -- we have search works a search works based on the fact He spent a lot of time in the house you make sure you understand everything about the house. You look around you try and find evidence and then you take certain items -- you think could be helped. Could this possibly be some some evidence some more surveillance video has surfaced the gas station. A mystery man and a lot of the lot of highs and a lot of people wondering if this could be some sort of connection the case -- Yet it could be but distant surveillance video again -- -- flip it is also not going to be the end of the question here. A number of witnesses say that they saw a man out of place holding a baby in a diaper. In conjunction with this it is -- -- it is something the police must follow up on but it still does not answer the question where -- -- At least some people have -- -- to make something the mother telling believes that she didn't wanna look outside the house because she was afraid of what she might find. You don't think that's I think and the. I don't know -- -- that's particularly significant here is a little bit odd it's an odd thing to say but when your child has just been taken if that's what happened. People -- react -- in unexplainable weights and this very well could be back. That she was just so afraid she was so scared but again I think some people are gonna look at it and -- -- that's kind of an odd way to respond to that again that the baby wasn't found there. So it's not as if she said all I was afraid to go look in the back of the house and the baby without -- -- -- -- let's start avenue week there all right Dan thanks very hard.

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{"id":14801156,"title":"Baby Lisa: Is Cadaver Dog Hit Reliable?","duration":"2:52","description":"Dan Abrams discusses implications of FBI dogs picking up scent of a dead body.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-cadaver-dog-hit-reliable-14801156","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}