Baby Lisa: Mystery Phone Call Reignites Case

Matt Gutman on how a new twist in case raises hopes of a break in investigation.
2:46 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Baby Lisa: Mystery Phone Call Reignites Case
Of latest twist in the frantic search for baby Lisa Irwin a major move for her parents this morning plus Snooki tells you about a mysterious phone call on the night the data disappeared. ABC's -- gotten back in Kansas City with the latest force against the morning that. Hey good morning Robin we've learned exclusively that. In the next few hours -- -- Stanley virtual hiding for the past month move back into the house where the eleven month old went. Missing this as new details emerging of a mysterious person who may hold the secret. To finding baby -- It lasted less than a minute but it could be one of the most promising leads investigators in -- Lisa's disappearance. -- had in weeks -- -- once removed from certain for a court a new witness who asked not to be identified with new information about a mysterious telephone call. The ninth baby Lisa went mesic. It came in just before midnight. From cell -- -- Bradley claims was stolen from her house after she fell asleep earlier that night this whole case hinges. On who made that call and why. Police don't know who placed the call but they do -- we came to this woman's phone -- right they confiscated or selling questioned her several times in October she told -- she never took that call when she got her phone back the next morning the call -- had been deleted. I don't know who answered it very what was Sander who was on the other end of the -- Now this -- claimed to know who. The root hormone jewel solo home -- -- a former mirrors should prove. The man also says Dane seemed agitated that night and had a history of drug abuse and easy access to -- -- -- -- -- Multiple wounds sensible for -- on the little different -- The family's attorney says the new league supports his client's innocent suspicious drifter a call placed after -- Bradley went to sleep but -- -- going to give -- -- some answers and and hopefully put to rest the notion that. Deborah Jeremy had anything to do please the spirits and that phone number that was doll from Deborah cell -- at about midnight that night was never -- from Deb cellphone ever before. -- and we firmly believe that the person who had that cell -- also -- Lisa. But so far police say this is just one -- more than 1000 tips they've been chasing. Telling ABC news they want to talk to gain bought that he is not a suspect and it's so far the significance in this case is minimal. Now Robin has the family prepares to move back in hoping for some semblance of normalcy. Please continue to insist that the person they want to talk to most. He's baby Lisa's mother she hasn't spoken to police and over a month in an unrestricted interview. Robin still going back and forth but that all right Matt thank you.

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{"id":14954837,"title":"Baby Lisa: Mystery Phone Call Reignites Case","duration":"2:46","description":"Matt Gutman on how a new twist in case raises hopes of a break in investigation.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-mystery-phone-call-reignites-case-parents-14954837","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}