Baby Lisa: Parent's Lawyer on Eyewitness Claim

Joe Tacopina on why police should be searching for Baby Lisa outside her home.
4:32 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Baby Lisa: Parent's Lawyer on Eyewitness Claim
We're joined by the attorney for baby Lisa's parents Joseph -- of -- you just heard -- Right bears say that. The family is cooperating -- -- seemed to have a different story can you tell us exactly what your clients are doing with the police right now. You know anything they asked georgians and they're really is maddening to me to listen to this -- spokesperson come out there. You know instead of informing the public and more formally the family about -- and this that the status of the investigation in the manhunt you know that He comes out and -- statements and and and quite frankly they've done everything they've been asked to do that consent to every search they've been asked to consent to. They've been they've set -- for fifteen hours of interviews that let their six and eight year old children between -- nothing to hide and they want answers so you know. When they ask for something they've gotten so while we're on this thing -- -- free and unrestricted questioning right now no restrictions on the question. Oh there's a restriction not imposing that the question is is going to be in good faith and fair and and and not. The question that was dumped an hour this big spin shorts listen to this mean the mother who's missing -- federal -- and now sitting on foot trembling as the follicles Beimel one. Even within an hour of that the pieces that there aren't you are interrogating her and accuse her -- murder. By means to -- imagine a woman who's looking to these police officers -- some -- upon her baby being accused of murder with an hour with a stitch of evidence because that's what statistics say. And that's just not good investigatory but I this I don't like I take your point in -- just guys want to clear this up are you saying. There's a police say we want to talk -- a couple today. No questions off the table your clients we'll say yes. Absolutely as long as the investigators doing the questioning. Or are ones who have not previously. Determine guilt before -- -- the defendants. We want a fair investigation there's someone out there the investigators and and you know the FBI's involved -- -- You don't put some agents want -- -- -- and and ask questions regarding. Anything that night she -- answer because she wants to put to rest. Any notion that -- to do with this I think we focus on and -- only three witnesses who see a baby in the mill that I. With a diaper on. Walking with a man little -- in -- let me ask -- reputations to give anything more -- -- witnesses because we just saw -- the -- On the one in their stories are consistent they saw a man. On the other hand there seems to be. A different ID for who that man might be. You know YA got her -- comment about eyewitness flexibility and and you know I guess -- in -- that's true but to be. You know as far as -- the -- might be I don't think that the -- former I think the crucial point is three individuals unconnected to each other. Mild support short of showing -- it pattern while walking away from the house so I -- mail. Who who has the same body for him to get about the the facial characteristics. With a baby with no clothes on but a diaper at midnight. 2 in the morning and 4 AM walking. In October. That should raise all the reflects that race in my head to anyone who's out there really tried to do. An investigation that includes a hunt. For Lisa and hopefully. I'm alive and well -- I think it did for all of us also on another matter an affidavit released says an FBI cadaver dog. Picked up the scent of -- dead body in the parents bedroom what was your client's reaction to that. Well the -- projects and that was that can't be. That can't be because she was in the bedroom with her two boys but. But when you look look further -- really isn't what you just said Georgia's not that it picked up the scent of a dead body. That's not what could ever -- those -- Consultant with the top cadaver detection dog expert in the country and what they do is the cadaver dogs while they're very useful they detect. Decomposing. Human remains to detect. Many decomposition of -- roommates and what that could include had come to learn this fecal matter you know the sort of things you find in a baby's diaper. Toenail clippings things of that nature so. Decomposition of the of human remains to be. A host of things and that's why these dogs while very important there investigatory by nature to not evidenced by nature no words you don't put -- case on adult waiting his -- In a bedroom. They're good investment -- tools to give it away from it. Here are not by any stretch. Evidence that there was a dead body -- and that's not what that dog is detecting dogs detecting. Decomposing human remains which again could be fecal matter from diaper. It's okay to attack -- thanks very much.

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{"id":14808422,"title":"Baby Lisa: Parent's Lawyer on Eyewitness Claim","duration":"4:32","description":"Joe Tacopina on why police should be searching for Baby Lisa outside her home.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-parents-attorney-eyewitness-claim-14808422","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}