Baby Lisa: Parents 'Still Not Cooperating'

Matt Gutman on why Lisa Irwin's parents won't speak with some investigators.
2:24 | 10/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Lisa: Parents 'Still Not Cooperating'
-- to move on now to new developments -- developments breaking this -- in the case of missing eleven month old baby Lisa Karlin. Jimmy has learned the police will now be interviewing two new key witnesses to NBC's Matt -- is live in Kansas City -- for us this morning. With the latest good morning that. And good morning to you -- -- those two -- key witnesses are baby -- brother's -- police did speak to them the night. After she disappeared but believe they have more to tell them. You see they were sleeping apparently with baby Lisa's mom in the bed that night but since then -- -- parents have denied. Police all. Request to see them until now. Her. -- after refusing police requests for weeks. Attorneys for baby -- parents Debra Bradley journey Irwin -- G in the exclusively. That -- will finally allow their two sons -- -- in the house the night police have banished to be interviewed by authorities on Friday even DNA swabs will be taken. Bradley was allegedly sleeping in the same -- with the two boys ages six and eight when her daughter disappeared on October 3. They were interviewed by child specialist the next day. But that's not enough police continued to maintained that the couple is not cooperating. That in stark contrast -- Stanley attorney Jim -- -- Peter told George GMA Monday. Guys wanna clear this up are you saying there's a police say and we want to talk to the couple today. No questions off the table your clients will say yes. Absolutely as long as the investigators doing the questioning or are ones who have not previously. Determine guilt before evidence that credits we want -- fare best. Jimmy has also learned that police along with the FBI have no clear -- nearly 800 tips and sightings so far. Spoken to 300 neighbors but they keep coming back here. To the house on north Lister avenue. Police say the couple has refused to meet separately with detectives to answer tough questions and recount their versions of what happened yet again. Police say they have spoken to the couple over the phone but that they believe Lisa's parents still have -- -- used to questions that could help find her. The fact that they haven't been arrested yet tells me they haven't found anything compelling to bring a case. So that just reinforces my feeling that this is something from outside the home.

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{"id":14815726,"title":"Baby Lisa: Parents 'Still Not Cooperating'","duration":"2:24","description":"Matt Gutman on why Lisa Irwin's parents won't speak with some investigators.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-parents-cooperating-14815726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}