Baby Lisa: Parents Keeping Low Profile

ABC News learns Lisa Irwin's parents 'laying low' as police seek information.
2:47 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Lisa: Parents Keeping Low Profile
Get right for the latest on the search for missing baby Lisa a source close the parents telling ABC news that they -- lying low right now even as the police -- them for more information. We're gonna talk -- the family's lawyer and just a moment but first ABC's Matt -- is in Kansas City. With the latest on this fast moving story warning that. Good morning Robin this is the spot. The last spot -- an eyewitness claims to have seen -- -- -- -- live at that intersection behind me. At 4 AM the day she disappeared now there's been this investigative Tug of war between police who want to narrow the search. Focusing on baby Lisa's parents -- brings this family who wants to expand the search areas like this one. A month of tension between baby Lisa's family and police now peaking. The family's private investigator now telling ABC news -- police investigation has been forward to. -- I'll miss you more enforcement volunteers. To come to this area about a mile mile and -- stretch to search serious reason why -- so -- In my opinion this the last place. We Silverstein a line. Bill Stanton private investigator hired on behalf of the family to -- to the very area which he believes police must expand the search. It was here Mike Thompson rode his motorcycle -- the night -- Lisa disappeared. One month ago this week of the regular -- well maybe it was -- -- son who runs news. Police say they have searched a nearby cemetery twice and spoke to Thompson twice. The main purpose of the police -- so far has been these woods nearby lake. The family home patent -- -- surged five times most of search within one mile radius of the house. Stated tells G and -- police must broaden that search with three mile radius. Having chased and -- thousand tips the police keep returning to the house on north Lister avenue. Jeremy -- Deborah -- have refused to meet with police since October 083 weeks denied every police request. To talk to -- leases half Brothers. Since they're only interview with authorities on October 4. The two boys were reportedly sleeping in the same bed with baby Lisa's mom when the toddler -- The family attorneys reneging on an interview between the boys and authorities on Friday they also postponed -- DNA swap. Now police say that they are willing to search the area around this intersection. Let's say that they are hesitant to go on a wild goose chase -- -- meantime baby Lisa's parents have been. Virtually underground they've been staying at an undisclosed location for the past couple of days and really haven't been seen in public. Since a vigil for baby -- eight days ago.

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{"id":14848745,"title":"Baby Lisa: Parents Keeping Low Profile","duration":"2:47","description":"ABC News learns Lisa Irwin's parents 'laying low' as police seek information.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-parents-keeping-low-profile-14848745","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}