Baby Lisa: Will Parents Allow Questioning of Sons?

Family lawyer Joe Tacopina, Dan Abrams discuss latest in search for Lisa Irwin.
5:01 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Baby Lisa: Will Parents Allow Questioning of Sons?
That's the attorney for at least early as parents Joseph take a -- belong to an analyst with -- -- from -- thank you very much Joseph really appreciate -- being here. So will you allow the police to talk to Lisa's two half Brothers today where this week absolutely and in. There was never an issue some logistics were an issue and you have been reading and hearing a lot of things that have been reported. About cancellations of meetings and whatnot if he -- been wildly inaccurate a lot of -- stuff and we'll set the record straight because it's like on Friday in the police are saying that they were all set to talk about them. You know one of the issues -- having right now. With the win this case has been -- news. We were playing a little bit too much with all the respect to you all to medium this is search for -- month old missing baby. We have two parents were actually devastating grieving. And he you know to me. Notifying the press every time we have -- -- -- is not something I think the seven page either side or this investigation so. While -- I will say this amount of give the date of an appointment or whether or not there -- an appointment I will tell you that there will be. Every necessary interview what will be had -- won't force we -- I've had a very good dialogue with with the FBI in this report. We -- in mind though I would wonder -- why they wouldn't want to have been doing earlier I would think every day that passes memories fade. New questions come up I would think from your perspective that only goal was. Finding this child. You wanna get them in their last week in the week before they were in there within days then I mean but I understand there's there's two things at play here. Of course this -- -- want answers and they've. Consented to everything every search every every year. Forensic -- and everything else that need to become the consented but. Here a player a six and eight year old children two little boys. And we want to make sure those questions on whether or not damage them and their child psychiatrists appointed Pete. And that's except that they pulled out of had to -- and interrogate the children that they realize they're tender agents -- -- -- -- -- specialist and a police officer would need to be. In the -- but we found out of the case with Elizabeth Smart. Her sister. Was able to provide some vital information what four months after she was the fact that that led to impart Elizabeth being returned also is -- very important talk to the case. It is and they don't forget that -- spoken to for about five hours in the first days so. There and there are an event that every time we talk -- this case always sounds like you and some of the others are saying you know yes we're gonna fully cooperate they spoke back then. But I would think that you'd want the parents -- there's often as possible and that's the perception -- is when child -- nice obviously. The perception is really not sure what -- about the the the results of this and let -- receptions gonna matter -- -- -- invest we have is that we have in the last week we've heard from. Three independent witness -- the police the man with a baby -- diaper at twelve. Two and for -- and -- victory that line to -- away from that house. That's vital information there's no reason an -- walking with a baby in a diaper in the in the middle right now October. That's something I think is hot and we should be really folks on that that being said we have agreed to do everything. That Davis has to do is what was being done in good faith what has happened here in this investigations become a little bit too adversarial. Okay I'm representing two victims and the victims after starting this case I'm not a criminal defense -- they're not -- anything. That being said within an hour of their -- the baby's disappearance and inform on 11 of the please investors sat down in that house. As Deborah revenues on the floor shaking crying and he basically said I know you -- daughter disclose what happened. That is not the way north of -- you mentioning the FBI earlier have you asked the FBI to come -- and -- -- take over this investigation. -- -- -- And has been with the FBI because they've now taken a strong role. More substantial liberal and specialists in these cases and -- been very impressed with them. How they've -- themselves the professionalism and I will continue working we York fully cooperative -- -- we will continue to corporate -- -- one answers. And they have said that they have looked -- to -- on more than one occasion those other tips have come through thousands of tips that they've said. That seemed to come back to the parents and again. If it's come back and forth a little bit it's like if you if they. They said that they want to be cleared so they can move on and focus all isn't it difficult for the police to move on when they're having this type of behavior. Which will. It's suspensions. It's not the -- mean you can eat you basing on what some media reports saying what some simply spokesperson gets up there. Speak we don't speak to the FBI they'll tell you how they're conducting themselves as police -- -- The -- this country because they can't find answers they -- -- crime to be trampled on them for few days. -- median of the people they're frustrated because they can't find answers so of course they're turning their frustration with parents of course statistically that's where. The Pope has -- I have no problem from looking at the parents of focusing on them. Narrow your investigation to the point where that's the only scenario they want to look at really -- I'm in the Jonbenet Ramsey case remember the parents became very frustrated they couldn't deal with a policeman started -- -- talked to prosecutors and others. Thank you very well that's always Jessica thank you can -- -- there.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Family lawyer Joe Tacopina, Dan Abrams discuss latest in search for Lisa Irwin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14848770","title":"Baby Lisa: Will Parents Allow Questioning of Sons?","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-parents-questioning-sons-14848770"}