Baby Lisa: Parents' Reaction to Home Search

Robin Roberts talks to Bill Stanton about the police search of the girl's home.
2:57 | 10/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Lisa: Parents' Reaction to Home Search
Joining us now private investigator bill Stanton who has been helping with the search for baby -- that you probably remember bill as a former security consultant here also. On Sheehan and I don't think you good morning good morning team you've heard right here say that there had to be new information. To be able to get a search warrant like this do you have any idea what that information is no actually I don't. And I know that -- not opposed to it and I I wanna make the distinctions an important one to make while I'm working with the family. I'm not working for the family if I get information that lead to -- guilt so be it -- told themselves. And have you been working with a place that -- been able to get any. Additional information -- talk to the family yes great deal yes I do and I told them that I said I will be sharing everything I get at the police. And I may not necessary be sharing it with you. So want him handing everything over no matter how small how big because what may be small to -- my team. Maybe the key to a conviction for them have you found any additional information anything that's been helpful to the -- -- I couldn't speak to that but they are getting information. Do you talk to the parents last night yes what are they saying team. They think about the search of the home while my interpretation is a welcome they welcome they want. This to be uncovered they wanted to be discounted and look outside the home at least that's my interpretation. Is very apparent that the police are still suspicious of the parents I mean come -- bill they're they're going what exactly are they going to the home with an X ray. What do you think that they were looking for. Well they're looking for a body or they're looking for Trace evidence and as -- I still am looking at them. Which some suspicion but -- into -- in -- and my feeling is from outside the home at this time. You still feel that way yes unless there's a wild caught. That nobody knows about I'm looking outside the home that's not I could change my mind the right now all indicators. You tell me how He did it. Tell me how OK so you do you believe -- it very well could have been somebody from outside the home do you have any kind of a theory of of exactly what could have happened. Well I have theories where they could have done and I have theories where they could not have done. And -- this is what my team and I we talk about for hours upon hours. And theories from outside the home right now -- -- that someone from inside them how close do you think. The police are in finding some additional information and finding more importantly they release absolutely what what I do think this baby is alive. Because you don't take a ten month old to do away with it you take it to coveted what is sell it. And I'm hoping -- 100000 dollar reward. May open up the metal or the hall of someone to give a tip and who has hired to this -- -- -- art has put up the hundred pounds that's right and she is not pain -- Joseph tack -- -- case it is machine. And she's not paying for -- All right -- thank you bill thank you much.

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{"id":14777012,"title":"Baby Lisa: Parents' Reaction to Home Search","duration":"2:57","description":"Robin Roberts talks to Bill Stanton about the police search of the girl's home.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-parents-reaction-home-search-14777012","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}