Baby Lisa Witness Re-Interviewed

Witness claims he saw a man walking with a baby the night Lisa Irwin vanished.
2:47 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Baby Lisa Witness Re-Interviewed
Now more than three weeks since she disappeared and this morning we're learning police have gone back and re interviewed an eyewitness who says He saw a man walking with a baby the night Lisa disappear. It was his -- governors live in Kansas He -- more good morning that. Hey good morning George and entering the fourth week police still aren't saying much but we understand they are going back to whatever leads they had. So we followed up went to why witnesses who claim to have seen baby Lisa. In the arms of a man they fear abducted her. Short on leads and evidence police are retracing their steps people are being honored him. Public -- of how well they -- -- -- could -- -- sons who runs this. Going back to Mike Thompson the eyewitness who claims to have spotted PP Lisa -- -- -- -- down the street a few miles from the family's home. Yesterday -- should be. Paper with six pictures. And did you pick one out -- Picked. Demanded David Jordan pictures. ABC news has learned that man has been questioned by the police multiple times after the FBI is also involved in the investigation. We also went back with that very same picture. To an eyewitness who lives just three houses away from baby -- parents. And who claims to have seen the very same thing several hours earlier a lone man walking -- nearly naked baby in the middle of the street. -- -- -- -- -- Now we don't Megan Hume. Similar citing very different -- He was. Tall and slender. As far as his head when He -- He was involved think we've seen -- shiny head. The cloud of mystery and -- as if over this case. While I'm certain that the authorities are looking in to -- sightings and neighborly could be an important -- -- just have to remember that eyewitness testimony. Is never as certain as -- seen. It's still family attorney who insists baby Lisa's parents -- Bradley in Jeremy Irwin are innocent of any wrongdoing. Hopes others will come forward. This going to be wind yet. We all know that -- can be one -- that is going to change everything and hopefully bring her home. Of the 3500. Children under the age of one abducted since 1990 the vast majority were returned to their families. The typical profile. Of the of doctor of an infant. Is a woman. Usually an emotionally disturbed woman who's lost a child who wants a child. For some reason. But police scrutiny continues to fall on the house behind -- police citing. Debra Bradley shifting timeline her out of place comments and general lack of cooperation -- the family continues to insist. They have been cooperating with police.

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{"id":14808369,"title":"Baby Lisa Witness Re-Interviewed","duration":"2:47","description":"Witness claims he saw a man walking with a baby the night Lisa Irwin vanished.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-police-interview-key-witness-14808369","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}