Baby Stroller Falls Onto Train Tracks

The toddler's mother jumped onto the tracks to save her child.
1:35 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Baby Stroller Falls Onto Train Tracks
We're not sure you know what -- demolished tensions it was 1245 this afternoon on the eastbound side of the busy market Frankfort line at 56 street. Standing on the platform -- their fourteen month old daughter at a jogging stroller. -- now is that jogging stroller slowly starts to roll away from the woman with the babies strapped inside. She looks up just in time to see it -- right onto the train tracks below. This cooler tips and comes to rest against the outer rail which luckily was not one of the electrified rails. The child's mother is first to jump down into the well she -- the little girl and hander to a man up on the platform. Other passengers -- over to help one woman hit the call button alerting septa police. They weren't able -- stop the approaching train its sixtieth street it was pure -- that it train wasn't rolling into the station right then. Where this could have been much worse. The fourteen month old suffered a laceration to the forehead paramedics responded you can see here -- they carry the toddler to a waiting ambulance. Watch again as the stroller drifts away from the woman and pulled down. About six feet to the train tracks below. -- director of systems safety and risk management said. Even he was shaken by what he saw. It's its heart wrenching time because you you you can anticipated -- the -- does start to move in a very slow. Rated speed and kind of builds up and and you know you kind of want to tell someone grabbed strong.

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{"id":19188942,"title":"Baby Stroller Falls Onto Train Tracks","duration":"1:35","description":"The toddler's mother jumped onto the tracks to save her child. ","url":"/GMA/video/baby-stroller-falls-train-tracks-19188942","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}