Do Celebrity Magazines Pressure New Moms to Lose Baby Weight?

More magazine's Lesley Jane Seymour and health expert Dr. Jennifer Ashton discuss the issue.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Transcript for Do Celebrity Magazines Pressure New Moms to Lose Baby Weight?
They are called the mom-shells. The hollywood celebs who slim down and shape up so fast rigts after having a baby. Some of them look like they never gave birth. Why, now, is the superstar magazine editor who creating the phenomena trying to take it all back? Reporter: It's one of the hottest trends slashed across the covers of celebrity magazines. Call them mom-shells. New hollywood moms who shed the weight they gained while preg nant. January janice mim is pushing back on unhealthy pressure on everyday new moms. She says the notion that instantly stick thin figure after birth are normal is untrue. Sometimes I ponder our ideal of this near-emaciated mom we have created and wonder how to undo her. 24-year-old heldry did you have recently faced a bah rauj of critical tweets, lasting the star for not losing her baby weight fast enough. Other stars faced backlash. You see the magazines filled with celebrities that within weeks have bounced back and they're back to their prebaby weight. I think for most women, it puts pressure on them. Reporter: In december, robin sat down with kelly preston who spoke about her post baby battle to lose the weight. I'm not into the three to four weeks. I did it over the course of eight months. Reporter: Asat down with a group of new moms fighting pack against the blits of these cover, bearing it all to show women what is beautiful and healthy, post baby. If we can reach one woman, i think that's what we wanted to do. Reporter: They say new moms shouldn't feel pressure to be thin. Being great mother is what makes them mom-shell. Amy robach, abc news, new york. We're joined by leslie jane seymour and jennifer ashton. I felt the pressure. Can you unring this bell that's been created by magazine editors. It's not your fault. No, no. It's her fault. What I love is if you realized that janice has a book coming out and she mentioned in the piece that she has it to help you lose the weight and all the stuff. You create the market and you Good morning, america. And breaking now. Thousands ordered to evacuate growing infernos at this hour. 000 homes in danger in northern california. Flames so fast and hot, this teenager's arm on fire while trying to rescue his family. One wild night. A u.S. Congressman admits to swimming naked in a religious site. Why the fbi went in to investigate this late-night swimming in the sea of galilee. Diana nyad. We're with her on her epic swim. She reveals her secret song to pass the time. ♪ bobby McGee ♪ and prince harry having a good time taking vegas by storm. His poolside party with j. Lo on a weekend out. Oh. A drum roll. You're back. Please, please, no, no, no, no, no, no. Reunited. Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited. Oh, a little bit of music. ♪ Reunited and it feels so good ♪ nice. It's great to see everybody That's a little too much. Frankly, nobody can live to that standard. The other side of it is, this is pressure. But it's peer pressure. Not all peer pressure ends in high school. Not all of it is necessarily a bad thing. If it motivates you the be more fit, healthier, stronger as a mother. More responsible as a magazine editor or broadcaster, let's get thin. It takes awhile. They have a phalanx of people behind them. Exercise gurus. That's not the normal human being. Should celebrities say, I do look phenomenal after four months but there's a lot of -- I don't know that -- how honest they have to be. This is their job. They make their living looking as perfect as they can be. As moms, we know being a mother and running a house hold is an athletic event into itself. Two seconds after she gives birth, no. It takes you nine months to get there. Give yourself nine months to get back. It's a year. A total year to get your body back. I have two children. My husband brought me my regular jeans. I thought, you push this thing out, you get them on. I couldn't zip it up. It's horrifying. Everything moves around. Why isn't that a great cover, it takes a year, ladies. That's the next cover we should be doing. Give women a break. Be gentle with yourself. Is it bad to see images of stars that bounce back so quickly if we're real people? No, I think we should remember what it is. They're celebrities. You want to do the best you can for your body and your family. And guess what, we're really not like them. I've heard that somewhere before. Hey, ladies, fellow mothers, thank you for the straight talk. We appreciate it. Let's go to robin.

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{"id":17040493,"title":"Do Celebrity Magazines Pressure New Moms to Lose Baby Weight?","duration":"3:00","description":"More magazine's Lesley Jane Seymour and health expert Dr. Jennifer Ashton discuss the issue.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-weight-celebrity-magazines-pressuring-moms-lose-pounds-17040493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}