Behind "The Bachelor" 2012: Chris Harrison Dishes

Chris Harrison talks about hosting the past 16 seasons of the hit show.
3:00 | 01/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind "The Bachelor" 2012: Chris Harrison Dishes
Last season on the bachelorette -- the -- -- got as heartbroken after his marriage proposal was rejected. Well this season between nine year old California boy is back to do the heartbreaking hopefully hopefully -- refining out right now as he searches for love. And happily ever after joining us now to talk about the latest round of the bachelor is the man was witnessed not one not two -- sixteen -- of dating drama. Firsthand host Chris Harrison and with the famous line with the rose. What you came to mind is -- this is your final rose tonight I that's set any -- doesn't matter. -- prop me up wind me up another. Sixteen feet varsity attire that -- -- know. But -- -- each season to -- such a different cast of characters this one certainly not disappointing with the likes of Courtney. Yeah I mean really -- you saw last night -- you'll see as we head off to Puerto Rico that. -- Courtney and in particular this battle between her and Italy that Cutler reared its ugly head last night will continue yeah and the thing is Emily. Who is ill equipped to play this game against Courtney. You know she is a better -- she's got it all figured out an interesting we just -- in -- news that clip that she uses the term I -- -- winning -- to that makes me think that that Ben might be better served staying away from her and and yet it doesn't look like yes well that's exactly what the women think that's what Himalayan KCB and and -- that's of these girls are just screaming at the top of their -- what are you doing. If she's not here for you but yeah I think he is enamored by this tall beautiful model is it hard for you you're married for sixteen years or so years years eighteen years. Is -- -- -- -- to sort of see these train -- in the making and not. And not sane thing not help. -- and you do helping to cut you go back to actually you know last season with the Bentley situation at some point we've all been there and that's again what makes this show -- genius and compelling as. You can tell somebody is much you want but what usually happens they want to change the bad boy or as much as you -- they go the other direction so there's really only so much you can do it. Look they got figured out on their own now will -- where we wish for the best for -- -- -- -- -- we also some big news that we want to share with viewers. And I think a lot of people might be very excited about this choice he made. For the new bachelorette so would you like that revealed a new bachelor -- -- it's it's been talked about for awhile but it is really just official today that -- Maynard the single mother -- course we fell in love with on Brad season is going to be our bachelorette coming up this spring I like her as a choice secular a lot of people are rooting for her she deserves to find love. Seoul and -- it is one of -- -- the bachelor you -- it seems pretty tame now that it was a pretty controversial thing when it started we push the envelope with the bachelorette. And that we had a single dad with Jason that this the first single mom we've had which is again and -- social dynamic and it'll obviously raise the debate on that topic and I think she's America's sweetheart I think it's going to be a home -- she is she's a good -- and I love that she's coming back and no doubt there will be controversy because well that's what you guys what do your. I love you apply now meantime not many can enjoy the bachelor one -- -- send money nice. 8:7 central right here on ABC.

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{"id":15428117,"title":"Behind \"The Bachelor\" 2012: Chris Harrison Dishes","duration":"3:00","description":"Chris Harrison talks about hosting the past 16 seasons of the hit show.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-2012-chris-harrison-dishes-15428117","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}