'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Is Back

The reality-TV star reveals what's in store for the new season.
4:29 | 01/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Is Back
Will you marry me. -- -- -- -- Sorry you. It's a Alex talk about being on the hot seat well that's a dramatic season and last season's finale of the bachelorette when Ashley who bear rejects band -- -- proposal. But winemaker from California is back on his feet and -- now be the object of everyone's affection in the new bachelor. And -- to tell us what we can afford to first though never have to ask how you felt about getting down on one -- wouldn't actually knew she wasn't going to say yes. Well I didn't know she was CEO was gonna turn on a proposal it takes a lot -- takes a lot to get that point and obviously if it did turn out the way I wanted to but. About it here now and in this position do you wish that maybe she -- just. Picked up a little bit like they usually do and not let you. Yeah you know. Yes and no it's it's hard look at that -- -- in retrospect didn't and have any kind of regret really because I'm glad I followed through with something for for once in a relationship so. Who's -- learning experience. So it must've hurt. You know no one likes to be sure. Dumped -- rejected or whatever whatever word you wanna use what are you doing an all over again if it works for me this this forum oddly enough kind of works for me and I like the way that you you're able to kind of exercise your feelings and and encouraged to to get there quicker than you normally would and so. That appealed to me and I and I thought long and hard about it but ultimately it was the right decision. Not to mention the M 25 women all clamoring for it and let a little bit silly but I would like that right -- -- some pretty well yes so what is the what are you looking for. In a woman. You know confidence intelligence someone whose whose worldly and inexperienced and has. And experience life you know such a young age I've gone through so much you know my father's passing and -- been able to travel and I about had a lot of life's lessons so that's -- kind of look for an account to play. -- we're really lucky we have an exclusive clip from ten tonight show and this is you and Courtney who is a model for look at GO. Some -- -- Washington -- Charlie Tulsa let's take a look at this clip from tonight. Something that -- -- in the last season really. Actually Circuit Court Panasik. I can -- can I -- available. I was impressed. -- -- yes and that's actually live here a year ago I would. Just wouldn't like I wouldn't be here I have to -- play -- and the model and it. I've traveled the world to have have worked really hard at it -- travel every week like -- in New Hartford day -- like. Any set of plays have been singled -- only place is they get me and just made an arm on who honestly. Sounds good being available always helps get us out of this -- things that concern me. And and I mean this in the nicest way when I heard that you were going to be the new bachelor was that you were almost. To normal and to place last season relent but is this going to be spicy at all as the is that going to be some. Oh yeah I mean I think anytime you combine you know 25 women vying for for one man's heart there's going to be drama there's going to be -- and -- laid back and now as I am. It was difficult to navigate you know it's it's a completely different experience something that you're not used to doing and so I can guarantee -- -- excitement. And and the Promos I've seen a lot of tears I have -- on an old very much older lady. On the front just compress it must utilize yes dogs she Lana -- navies and above that Cheryl Cheryl sweetheart. She's there for particular reason that I won't want I don't get too much away but she really surfer. A good reason a heartfelt reasoning and. -- facing can't tell us anything more about that not really mean sex -- -- so final question I know you can never say if he. -- engaged right did you are you happy did you meet somebody that could be the one. Are unhappy and Indian might in fact that I did this experience and it and went through this journey again. You know and another good cathartic experience for me learn a lot about myself and push myself in ways that I never did before you didn't answer the question right now I have. While we want to watch I -- I'll be watching thank you so much better planet for being here today the bachelor premieres tonight at 8:7 central on ABC.

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{"id":15273217,"title":"'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Is Back","duration":"4:29","description":"The reality-TV star reveals what's in store for the new season.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-ben-flajnik-back-15273217","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}