'The Bachelor' Chooses Courtney Robertson

Ben Flajnik shocks viewers with his choice, spurning fan-favorite Lindzi Cox.
2:14 | 03/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Chooses Courtney Robertson
-- into the bachelor everybody that we evolving document this morning -- you weren't talking about that god it was billed as a battle between the good girl and while a woman is being billed as the most hated woman on TV and it turns out the nice girl in this case did finish last. On the dramatic finale of the bachelor last night -- proposed to. Courtney Roberts and but it's been far from happily ever after for the couple take a look. -- Will you marry me. America -- did just a little bet Monday night when -- -- and Atlantic finally made that decision. Yes of course -- well. Yup he chose that girl Courtney Roberts you know her girl next door and fan favorite -- Lindsay Cox. I'm in love with someone else it all started here two months ago. TVs hanging -- When the women -- -- had a nationalized. Lindsey -- ban on horseback and snagged that first roses. Lindsay and -- -- accept this I would love this bands. But it was -- you kept him out of his clothes. And frankly I'm on his toes especially in Panama City -- thing. But was he deceived by her from the beginning we'll let gambling winnings -- better because -- to help. -- -- -- -- -- During the bachelor. The women tell all the claws were out leaving Courtney shears trying to repair her -- girl image ranking -- -- -- Hurt your feelings. But it was after the final rose the fans said he finally saw Courtney for who she really was. It's -- -- that show Eric we were. Essentially broken up. -- Leading to the big question in our day or on the day he's still to -- -- what do you want to -- with us. Very much more about this. Noticeably absent runner up Lindsey. Who chose not to make an appearance after the final rose.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Ben Flajnik shocks viewers with his choice, spurning fan-favorite Lindzi Cox.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15909171","title":"'The Bachelor' Chooses Courtney Robertson","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-finale-ben-flajnik-chooses-courtney-robertson-15909171"}