'Bachelor Pad' Sneak Peek: Big Surprise for Blakely

She's out of the finals, but Blakely Jones may walk away with a much different surprise.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for 'Bachelor Pad' Sneak Peek: Big Surprise for Blakely
After a season filled with back -- scandal. And heartbreak that could be any show on television but we're talking about. -- -- And -- walk away with a quarter million dollars on Monday night with a season finale airs right here on the -- to be in the -- now one woman on the show Blakely. Did not make it to the finals that. And she is on the run for the money but she could be walking away with a very sparkly consolation prize I'm not kidding take -- -- You know I want to show -- -- -- how much I love you want you to be confident. -- -- OK I want to recall the name in you know I mean this for you and I'm in this -- -- and I want you to spend nursed my life. With me and Taylor and. -- It's unbelievable how that worked out because that's the that's how the -- works now find out who wins the money and whether blatantly. We'll go home with a ring on her finger. I can't even believe that's possible when the finale a bachelor pat airs Monday at 8:7 central right here on the aid. -- -- And the city and stay tune to Good Morning America tomorrow when the bachelorette newest couple Emily Maynard and Jeff home. We'll join us live they are gorgeous they're cute couple -- not as you can do you. Well she thinks -- that's -- yeah a lot of kids doing non -- -- very audience that France after rallying rap brown.

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{"id":17172138,"title":"'Bachelor Pad' Sneak Peek: Big Surprise for Blakely","duration":"3:00","description":"She's out of the finals, but Blakely Jones may walk away with a much different surprise.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-pad-sneak-peek-big-surprise-blakely-17172138","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}