'Bachelorette' Bombshell: Brooks Hits the Road on Finale

Host Chris Harrison discusses Part I of the hit ABC series' dramatic ending.
4:45 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bachelorette' Bombshell: Brooks Hits the Road on Finale
So we're happy. Burning up "the heat index," the explosive season finale on "the bachelorette." Part one was last night. We've all been talking about it. Ending in tears for her. Why is everybody already laughing. Josh? No. Now -- it's not your fault, chris. It was a cringe. Worthy episode. A world exclusive for us and sneak peek for part two. Here's how it went down last night. I didn't want to share my heart. I wanted to give it to you. Reporter: This shocking confession after the conclusion of last night's dramatic "bachelorette." I love you. I do. Reporter: But despite offing her love to brooks, it was heartbreak for bachelorette desiree hartsock. I can't. Reporter: When one of the top-three finalists, brooks, confesses he is not in love with her. There's mortgage broker chris, who woos desiree with his poetry. And drew who speaks from his heart. Both professing they are falling for her. I love you. Reporter: There's handsome, adventurous, brooks. I love brooks. Reporter: From dream dates atop the hollywood sign, to a picnic above the clouds in madeira. The one man desiree's fallen for -- brooks. Brooks. Brooks. Brooks. Will you accept this rose? Yes. Reporter: Who says, he just doesn't love her back. worst thing in my life. Reporter: Will this "bachelorette," ever find her fairy tale ending? I don't care. I think for me, it's over. Oh. It was rough last night. It was so tough to watch. Thank you for being with us. The big question, from a control room, to friends, to twitter, everyone wants to know, how long did des sit at the end of that pier and cry? Slightly longer than it took brooks to articulate he was leaving. That took three days for him to say, by the way, I'm breaking up with you. After that, she sat there for a good half hour. Was she missing signs from him? Or was he waffling back and forth? What was on scene? That's the beautiful thing about the show. The other guys had professed their love all along. And he's the one guy who hasn't. There's been red flags all the way through. She walked right past them. And she said, you don't see the things that I do or hear the things I do. He doesn't need to say it. Obviously, he did need to say it. And he just wasn't feeling it like she was. But it was one of the situations, you run into on the show where you're, like, I don't know if we should be listening in on this. It was so personal. Really good half-hour. Do you remember that happening before? Me? It's funny, robin, when we go into this, you say, there's going to be something on this season that never happened before. We've never had that situation at the end of the show. And we never had a final exotic episode. It's usually, here's the final two guys. Who is she going to marry? Now, is the show going to go on next week? Do the other two guys know that she -- no. That's one of the things, obviously -- where we left the episode off last night is just her and brooks. The guys have no idea. At this point, you should also know, we separate them. They don't see each other until the rose ceremony. Are they in a jury? They have no idea. They're sequestered. Drew and chris have no idea what went down. Obviously, we pick up next week with what's she going to do? Will there be an explanation? Thank you for bringing us an exclusive peek. Here's what's going to happen next. This is a hard thing to take, having brooks gone. He didn't know until now. It came down to the hometown. And his mom and sister asked if he was ready for marriage. And it's hard for him, you know, to think of marriage when he doesn't love me. It broke my heart to have him say those things to me. And now, I don't know where to start. So, will des find love? We sort of are led to believe she would have or she would have picked him. Now, we'll explain to the other guys and me sitting down with her, where do we go from here? I look forward to seeing you, too, at miss america. We're a month away from being in atlantic city. Live from wcvb tv channel 5,

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{"id":19814313,"title":"'Bachelorette' Bombshell: Brooks Hits the Road on Finale","duration":"4:45","description":"Host Chris Harrison discusses Part I of the hit ABC series' dramatic ending.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelorette-season-finale-2013-brooks-hits-road-finale-19814313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}