Backlash Over Kutcher's Tweet

The star said he did not know about the scandal involving coach Joe Paterno.
3:25 | 11/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backlash Over Kutcher's Tweet
More now on the perils of Twitter for one of its pioneers Ashton -- rose to the top of the -- still building up more than eight million followers. -- -- hanging up his iPhone after that embarrassing mistake we've been telling you about educating through the morning and here. He just seems so ethically clueless here that tweet about Joseph Paterno. Oh -- and he certainly heard about that clueless -- from his fans George that is for sure -- says he didn't know about the scandal involving Paterno. He thought Paterno was being fired for poor performance and his Ainge. The backlash over his tweet was swift with fans calling him an idiot a moron. And a lot worse he's just. College hash tag oops -- eight million followers received this tweet from Ashton Kutcher about Penn State coach Joseph Paterno. How do you fire -- pot insult no class as a Hawkeye -- I find it in poor taste. Apparently not thinking before tweeting. -- quitting Twitter over the past -- sex scandal. It is social media vehicle let the advocated the fight against child sexual exploitation backtracked on that tweet saying he didn't know -- was being fired for his connection to a sex abuse scandal. In a series of tweets he wrote thought it was a football thing fully recant previous tweet didn't have full story has -- admit when you make mistakes. His apologies quickly escalated to as of immediately I will stop tweeting until I find a way to properly managed this feat. Even posting this picture last night. -- -- deleted his message but couldn't escape the roar of a Twitter verse people posting harsh comments like. Food try watching the news every now and then -- Sometimes when I want to ensure I do not screw something up I asked myself WW AKD what would Ashton Kutcher do. I then do the opposite. Expects actual cause her to be you know an encyclopedia. Of knowledge about current events. But he's going to -- about. A case like this or just like -- he should know what's going not. Kutcher is now relinquished his tweeting to his management team it's a 180 for the star who once played out his life on Twitter. Including his relationship with to -- -- the -- -- shared photos of themselves in bed on their fifth anniversary. More recently after allegations he had an affair with a 22 year old pusher posted this bizarre -- minute rant about the media on the website China men. People can. Restaurants should -- militia perform that it won't. So could this latest social media meltdown finally put an end to his bad case of over sharing. Not an instance like Gilbert Gottfried who needs some. You know commute statements about. Natural disaster in Japan action is going to. Move on its. -- says eight million followers should not be taken for granted and he feels responsible for delivering an informed opinion and not spreading gossip or rumors. Exactly what he criticized the media doing his video. And he put another -- late last night he did it it's it's pretty obvious how bad he feels about this now he tweeted he's I'm just trying to be a good person so I think he's really trying to make up for what he did and feels pretty stiff and -- to -- -- in the little to Begin on Twitter. That -- she. A few days ago she -- 1111 I don't know if that means anything's gonna happen today or she was just making a wish at that moment but -- -- -- talking mostly about her projects and stuff nothing. Something -- really. News -- and yeah OK Andrea thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The star said he did not know about the scandal involving coach Joe Paterno.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14931244","title":"Backlash Over Kutcher's Tweet","url":"/GMA/video/backlash-ashton-kutchers-penn-state-tweet-star-quits-14931244"}