Baldwin Takes to Twitter After Plane Incident

Public relations expert Howard Bragman discusses Baldwin's airline mishap.
3:18 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Baldwin Takes to Twitter After Plane Incident
Bring in ABC news consultant Howard Bragman you are a public relations expert what's your take on all this you know what. We -- on an airplane -- their plane it's not your plane and you've got to be respectful of them and he was wrong you know obviously trying gives celebrities the benefit of the doubt here. I can't in this case he was just. 100%. Wrong when they say turn it off you turn it off -- and it it does say that other a lot of people who are going. There really is siding with the side of the airlines on the point. Almost everybody I read the comments and this reinforces. That celebrities are entitled it reinforces his own bad and aggressive behavior. And I really don't like him attacking the little people the flight attendants for Greece does at Starbucks -- -- these these people make in a year which he makes for about two hours. On the set I'd like to see a little empathy this is a guy who said he wants to be in public service and one error except -- so how can be. Clean up its image of that is something that -- think about that you know I don't think his interest in clean up his image I think he's happy being. Who he has but you have to show empathy for these people -- -- a very close family -- -- on -- flight attendant for American. More years that I can imagine they're in bankruptcy. Their -- he's been knocked down time and again in the worried about their pensions let's have some sympathy for these people let's have some respect because we -- to do this together. Nine I know a lot of people share that thought to. He went on Twitter and you heard him didn't dance stands report not the first time and -- you alluded. Two as well he was try to get people to -- follow him how does this all I think he's not the first celebrity. To have some issues with Twitter. -- -- He wasn't the first to Twitter bug fixes that executive in New York -- what you have to understand. It's a transparent world you go on a public -- what happens. His public somebody can have a cell phone somebody tweets that. And it's going to get out there and I think he lost this Twitter war I don't think he won this -- the war and I think public settlements against him will he admit it. In this first week that he was rocket -- -- I think it's hard to go from there. Well it is it's it's indefensible and I noticed his publicist put out some Smart -- statement. That means -- playing a losing hand when you resort to him all right so what do you know -- -- -- although I think doing I think I don't think you do I think you go on with your -- your life I don't think they'll be any criminal sanctions I don't think we'll be the airlines sanctions. I hope it look ago. You know maybe what I did wasn't so cool and the fact that other people were delayed an hour because they had to kick them off that was -- -- no that's not -- that -- -- a 100000 miles a year. I wouldn't have been happy you wouldn't have been happy. And maybe an apology would be a nice way to start I don't -- -- mention the celebrity that you flew with coming out here but she said there is the way -- -- -- protect yourself -- if -- celebrity -- period. No I've slugger with a huge movie star you know only just guy couldn't have been nice Hussein's home -- every one when he -- to reader take -- -- he did nobody bothered them. You know I understand -- celebrities like to fly on private jets it's awful nice but when you go on a public plane. You have to respect the rest of the people and be one of them Ryan Howard thank you very much and you share with me who that. Starr is if you want to -- tweet me I'll be happening. I hope every -- life.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Public relations expert Howard Bragman discusses Baldwin's airline mishap.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15102972","title":"Baldwin Takes to Twitter After Plane Incident","url":"/GMA/video/baldwin-takes-twitter-plane-incident-15102972"}