Have a Ball at Meatball-a-Palooza

Meatball Shop owners Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow discuss their new book.
5:51 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Have a Ball at Meatball-a-Palooza
It's. -- okay. Paul hundreds die we certainly aren't quite unique Pico and her son here hot spot in the -- shot getting a -- in the executive -- And general manager and you -- this. I just can't do what I know in my house -- ozawa then we're in love that we're we have a shared love of the need why do you guys have been best friends since high school loans and you used to eat meat balls and related knights track did. So here we got out of new book comes out today. And and you -- combine that there -- 36 different recipes for. Before meatballs and we're gonna teach you some of the classics right now really the classic in Poland -- starting -- The classic. -- -- Need malicious mean. He doesn't get better than your drive through their ball -- -- -- The best thing about all these meatballs and art in our cookbooks and they're really simple so everything is just. Mix it all up Rosenthal. We have -- the -- Rhode Island yeah they're quality cheese eggs a little bit about ground only -- then proceeds from. Chili flakes what makes this the classified as most popular here I think it would be I think people are not on his -- -- I don't know you're not afraid scared I'm not. I -- Regular fresh -- and you didn't make me. There -- -- like it's apple cores yeah this is. All your type of groups have adapted to meet -- the -- managed to mix it all up and these are probably the best invention for making. For making a meatball ever created little mini ice ice -- -- many People's Daily times. Just call them right in the -- And -- -- -- are you a -- and the dining taller than any -- on the big ball lineup now you know I take after my grandmother my grandmother was a huge fan of about tiny balls. -- -- -- -- Independence mall didn't you don't have to wait forever about seventeen minutes that we like to raise -- balls well a little bit of tomato sauce which -- is obviously. -- in the new book out today did you com did you taste of the economy and yes I -- -- I want you. I can lead as well let me ask these in the congress -- -- Organic shock you really quickly about these guys he's and a spicy pork -- -- -- them classically with the spicy meat sauce and little kick little punch they're really really delicious. Simply had this job to -- pork shoulder. We -- them just like -- -- the rest of meatballs. This is the spicy -- -- it's on the porch as well it's -- -- little news guys right on top here. At the shots into giving grades and cheese over the top didn't have your credit she how -- -- -- doesn't explain here. This is -- -- that's a -- but it's actually for them for the kids. Gobble gobble balls on Thanksgiving special -- has doubled -- walls are coming up next this is the real simple way to do this official abuse by support. -- -- -- I loved him with some results on them. Customers -- And you have -- -- special people you're gonna show -- and -- You are making these gobble gobble yeah. Ally and one man are you offended Thanksgiving I love things have you read things get involved floor no I have not if you don't have time to -- -- Turkey and make him results. And they make the stuffing a ball rolling and they want you call any time and I gathered at -- we basically take Turkey and stuffing and cranberries and we. Write them all up and we -- them together and there's a religious -- we have some some potentially could easily get stuffing inside. To some garlic and some oregano and olive oil super tasty and hasn't been resolved and these -- the end result. -- -- username and I was I was in the -- It -- that's -- thinking about a mile oval. If she wasn't -- insecurity they they -- -- -- -- -- -- AJ yeah. I think I'll give you -- come -- yeah. There are no ready made -- We need your classics pesto and didn't talk -- That is my favorite kind of imaginable I read that and what I saw this I thought I'm not gonna like this I have what you want to let you try it. Yes I tried it and I love -- it's party it is on this is not fourteen ingredients. -- what we do here with the -- a little while that's up little spinach. Some days. Some parmesan cheese. Little oil. It is so good for the -- Think about his custom without -- raw garlic and -- continues in his -- inside the worry about again. This is definitely my mom my name and apparently. I can't tell you about right -- -- -- Realize I'm Larry. -- little involvement -- we have this is -- this is great for a detailed game this is great for the big game this does that make buffalo. -- -- -- -- -- -- What is all the flavors in the buffalo chicken wing. Without the -- and we put them on the menu for one not one you know Super Bowl. And there was -- people -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- that buffalo chicken -- no bond no mass. Do we get -- probably -- gonna go where they really like it was announced despises her little -- you never know I didn't do I guess she really beautiful lines. That's exactly please vehemently and -- -- Brand name. -- that is really OK really can't go around nobody really happening. -- like okay. God I know. You learn to -- I'm that the name of the book the -- shot Bob thank you guys so much what do you -- -- sag goes up cookbook. If you don't have time to come out in New York making yourself it and it is easy to do you know he's got a wonderful in the -- -- -- -- shouting thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Meatball Shop owners Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow discuss their new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14857073","title":"Have a Ball at Meatball-a-Palooza","url":"/GMA/video/ball-meatball-palooza-14857073"}