Barack Obama Takes on Leno

Jake Tapper explains the latest happenings in the 2012 campaign for president.
2:42 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Barack Obama Takes on Leno
-- voice your vote and President Obama trying to warm up his image with a few laughs I'm Jay leno's couch. As the Republican field try to figure how to deal with the front runner who has played by his own rules -- in case. The attack was coming off from the White House this morning good morning Jake. Good morning George President Obama wraps up his three day swing through the western United States today returning to the White House last night. He told supporters in Colorado that the fight over his jobs bill is a microcosm. Of the pending 2012. Election battle. President Obama finished the California leg of his West Coast for appearing on the Tonight Show. Poking fun at the First Lady. Halloween is coming up yet and she's been giving. For the last few years kids. Brooks and -- and -- -- And I says -- -- or the complaint husband did -- Iraq. Much of the president's Wesco swing has been devoted to shaking the money free for his reelection campaign at. The ball on Wednesday gets fined -- Fundraisers hosted by will and Jada Pinkett Smith and at the home of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas at -- off the record meeting with some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry the president asked for Hollywood's help getting him reelected. But last night He also made certain to have a few laughs. Have you -- watching the GOP debates. I'm gonna wait until their -- voted off the -- I know you quit smoking I didn't. Well I -- While the president says he's quit the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. His actually featuring smoking in -- campaign man showing king's chief of staff taking -- half. The country has never seen. -- candidate like Herman -- And they've never seen a campaign. Like the one he's running with little campaign infrastructure -- is almost defying gravity. In the latest -- Cain takes a firm lead over Mitt Romney. Among Tea Party supporters the gap is far greater. McCain continued to spread his message at a Tea Party event last night as his bus tour rolled into Texas that thing about rising. To the top of the polls is that you get shot at -- But -- never felt so -- Before President Obama leaves Denver George shall take -- -- give a speech in which she talks about. Relieving the burden on low income college students who have taken out student loans it's part of his series of executive action steps you can take. To help people during this economic crisis when congress is not moving on his jobs bill.

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{"id":14815688,"title":"Barack Obama Takes on Leno","duration":"2:42","description":"Jake Tapper explains the latest happenings in the 2012 campaign for president.","url":"/GMA/video/barack-obama-leno-herman-cains-rules-14815688","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}