Who's the Greatest TV Dad of All Time?

Barbara Walters previews her special that will reveal results of more than a million votes cast.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Who's the Greatest TV Dad of All Time?
As you know, we are celebrating the emmys all week long here at "gma." And today, we get to do it with our friend, barbara walters. She has a new special tonight. Best in tv, the greatest tv shows of our time, with barbara walters. She is here to tell us about it now. Abc news teamed up with "people" magazine to get over 1 million votes. To pick in all different categories. Since you mentioned it, what is the best television show of all-time? We will tell you tonight. Do you know? I say the voters will go with "seinfeld." "M.A.S.H." "M.A.S.H." Is a good one. "I love lucy" I was thinking, too. Were you really? Sounds like I wasn't right. You will love this show. It's a wonderful look back. If you remember the shows if you're a young person who loves television but hasn't seen the classics, you will love this. We have nine different categories, from best comedy, best drama, to favorite nonhuman. I interviewed one of the nonhumans. And the favorite show yof all-time. We want to show you something we did just for you, for "gma." That's the best dads. Okay? Okay. Here we go. Number five, the best tv dads. Dan, from "roseanne." Overweight, underpaid. Big-hearted dads of a working class family. Not everyone can be as perfect a parent as dan connors. Reporter: The chemistry between john goodman and roseanne was instantaneous. They had never met before this session. Seen on season 2 of the dvd set. Immediately, he had a job. We made each other laugh. You don't do drugs, do you? I said, nope. All right. Reporter: At number four in your vote, the father who was a walking advertisement for birth control. Dad, I need to talk to you. Why is it always me? Reporter: Al bundy, played by ed o'neill. He showed the world why not to be "married with children." His family anthem. Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters, on a girl that's dumb. He represents this curdled, anti-father, that people found a delight in watching. Reporter: Number three in the votes? It's sexual. Howard cunningham on "happy days." A 1970s VERSION OF A 1950s DAD, Played by tom bosley. Sex is something a son should discuss with his father. The richie/howard relationship, that father/son relationship was so much fun. Will you give me a hand? Sure, richie. And richie has gotten drunk. And dad figures out what happened. Tom's timing in that scene was so impeccable. Hope the door's open. Reporter: Your number two favorite tv dad, andy griffith. At the heart of the series, the raising of his son. Killed that bird, didn't you? Reporter: Opie taylor, played by, guess who? Ron howard. This was a single-parent relationship, driven by love and respect. Going to give me a whipping? That's one of the reasons why the relationship has endured. There's something authentic about it. Reporter: And at number one, your favorite tv dad, cliff huxtable, who understood that parenting was no easy task. You guys are funny. Why is it that every time I kiss my wife, a child pops up. Reporter: When son, theo, has a poor report card, he appeals to his father's understanding. Maybe you can just accept me who I am and love me anyway, because I'm your son. And he just waits. And he waits. And then, bill responds. Theo, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. He was a father who took a stand. I'm telling you, you are going to try as hard as you can. He was not a milquetoast dad. I brought you in this world. And I'll take you out. Reporter: And american audiences fell in love with a strong, upwardly mobile, successful black family. A doctor, whose wife was a lawyer. I think he does -- that's pretty great. We did this just for you. This is the -- we have best comedies, best drama, best nonhuman. And I did interviews. I talked to lorne michaels about gilda radner doing barbara wawa. You also got to take lucy and desi arnaz jr. Back to the set. We went back to the original set. Remember the vitamins? For those kids, who -- it's a home away from home, huh? We took lucy and desi arnaz jr. Back to the original sets. And talked about their mother and what she was like. There are interviews. There are all of the different shows. I think it's a great show. Not because I'm -- I had nothing to do with the choices. But it's so entertaining. We cannot wait to see it. The two-hour special is on tonight, best of tv. It's at 9:00, 8:00 central. Thanks for coming in, barbara. We have a brand-new update from robin.

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{"id":17260992,"title":"Who's the Greatest TV Dad of All Time?","duration":"3:00","description":"Barbara Walters previews her special that will reveal results of more than a million votes cast.","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-best-tv-special-greatest-tv-show-17260992","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}