Walters: Bashar al-Assad 'Not Like Gadhafi'

Barbara Walters discusses her exclusive interview with Syria's president.
2:20 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Walters: Bashar al-Assad 'Not Like Gadhafi'
-- -- is so hard not to be struck by the contrast. Between his calm almost dismissive. Giggling even in times manner and all those grisly scenes in the streets -- -- -- -- says that the people who are not much to the protesters are being mom to. By -- -- that not just -- -- and people can now. This trip to disconnect when we asked officials here when I was -- They said -- a hotel room. Not only could really about child and we walked everywhere -- -- -- the protesters -- We -- we had I am young woman who was our mind. But we went anywhere that we wanted to the -- -- filled with food of people are sitting outside having coffee. One -- our way people have been killed this is Damascus industry's revenue last -- And in Damascus just like business as usual then -- -- seemingly did not on the shot. Business is why is it. But life goes on and on our way people are being -- but then there's this a disconnect put him. This is a man who says -- -- have parliamentary elections in -- we're gonna have presidential elections in 2014. If we're gonna have opposition candidates. I mean -- at the same time the country isn't enough for. You know and we we heard similar things from Qaddafi before he felt some of this. Not like we're adopting -- Walked -- faster file Qaddafi it has -- demand I was sort of status as as. Wild man this man has highly educated. Very calm as you can -- And as far as he's concerned while Qaddafi did say he had disappointed his feet. But that this just a whole different and getting in the way he handles anything you tell the feeling from sitting -- face to face with him that he really was in control that he that he had instituted. Tony initially he says I didn't do whatever my government you the government and I'm not on the president that the government didn't -- I had nothing to do with that. But -- should ditch the disconnect between the city of Damascus. And the rest of the country much of the country and this man who says. The sanctions won't bother me. -- I don't care what's happening in Syria I don't care about public opinion. I'm very calm and it will be okay it is fascinating stuff another big exclusive Barbara thanks very much. You can see more Barbara's exclusive tonight on world news and the entire interview tonight. And a special edition of Nightline Barbara Walters in Syria aside speaks.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Barbara Walters discusses her exclusive interview with Syria's president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15102699","title":"Walters: Bashar al-Assad 'Not Like Gadhafi'","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-exclusive-interview-syrias-president-bashar-al-15102699"}