Barbara Walters to Retire in 2014

The legendary newscaster and host of "The View" announces her retirement from television.
2:15 | 05/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Barbara Walters to Retire in 2014
Now to the big headline from our clegg and friend, barbara walters. She is announcing her retirement today, later on "the view." She's alleg legend. She'll leave tv journalism as a leader. We're in touch, to you be in touch. I'm barbara what walters. I'm barbara walters. Reporter: For more than 50 years, she's been bringing us the stories. In 1961, audiences first heard the name barbara walters when she joined the "today" show. Let's join our own barbara walters. Harry reasoner, barbara walters. Reporter: If 1976, she blazed a new trail as the first woman anchor an evening network news cast. I'm pleased to be with you and abc news. Reporter: In the years to come, she sat down with the important news leaders of our time. World leaders. Movie stars. Here lies elizabeth. She hated being called liz. Reporter: And presidents. Every single one since richard nixon. Are you sorry you didn't burn the tapes? Yes. Reporter: She's been fearless. In our country, we read that you're mad. Reporter: And made history along the way. Do you feel funny crossing the bay of pigs with an american? Reporter: Her 1999 interview with monica lewinsky was the most watched in television history. You showed the president of the united states your thong underwear. Who does that? This is "20/20." Reporter: For 25 years, she coanchored "20/20." She said barbara said that word. Reporter: And in 1997, launching view" still going strong 17 years later. So, on this day, we say thank you, barbara, for all you can done and look forward to one last history-making year. If I have any reward of those years, it's that there are wonderful people like you in front of the camera. I'm proud. I don't want to sound gooey. Here's to you, barbara. And that is barbara on camera

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{"id":19166603,"title":"Barbara Walters to Retire in 2014","duration":"2:15","description":"The legendary newscaster and host of \"The View\" announces her retirement from television.","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-retirement-2014-tv-trailblazer-announces-retirement-19166603","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}