'Bare Knuckle Babes' Snatch Fish Right Out of the River

A group of women use their bare hands to make the big catch.
2:44 | 08/24/13

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Transcript for 'Bare Knuckle Babes' Snatch Fish Right Out of the River
All right. Now, to a group of women who have come up with a very subtle nickname for themselves. The bare knuckle babes. They go fishing. But they don't need any bait, rod or reel to make the big catch. That's a huge catch. They use their bare hands all the time. Linzie janis has more on this story. You spent some time with them. Pretty brave. It's a dirty sport. It may not sound all that tough. But noodling may be the most primitive form of fishing. And it's being conquered by texas kwals who aren't afraid of a little dirt. Hot and sexy. These girls aren't afraid to get down and dirty. The pin-ups are known as the bare knuckle babes. And they compete in the extreme sport of noodling. Catching giant catfish with their bare hands. With no bait, no hooks, no rod and reel, they showed us how it's done. Diving under the water, using her own flesh as bait, she waits for a fish to bite. And resurfaces victorious. The catch of the day, a whopping 40-pounder. Nice fish. You have to let him fight it up. And let him rip your hand. And rip your arms. Whatever you can to get him out of the hole. Reporter: Noodling is the stuff of viral video legend. This clip showing a man who hooked his hand over the fish. I broke my thumb, I think. Reporter: Hillbilly hand fishing follows two veterans of the sport, who take city slickers into the water, for the plunge. So, these texas gals are some of the best in the country. Milsap recently took the $1,500 cash prize and bragging rights in the okie noodling tournament, bringing up a 72-pound catfish. Men say, that's impossible. The force of the fish itself was mighty. And it was tough. People think we're crazy. And maybe we are. Reporter: Noodling was illegal in texas until a couple of years ago. It's illegal in many states, where authorities are trying to control the fish populations. But can also be extremely dangerous. Three college students drowned in the strong currents of the arkansas river. An extreme sport. To say the least. Brave texas women. I don't think I could do that. It looks like fun. It does look like fun. I can see you catching a catfish. I wear my suit when I go hillbilly handfishing. Coming up on "gma," baby

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{"id":20056043,"title":"'Bare Knuckle Babes' Snatch Fish Right Out of the River","duration":"2:44","description":"A group of women use their bare hands to make the big catch.","url":"/GMA/video/bare-knuckle-babes-snatch-fish-river-20056043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}