Barista Kidnapped at Gunpoint

Police are searching for a teen taken against her will by coffee shop robber.
2:25 | 02/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Barista Kidnapped at Gunpoint
-- there's an all out search this morning for a teenage girl abducted by an armed man who was robbing the drive thru coffee shop where she works. Cops have been on the case around the clock looking for clues in analyzing surveillance video up the kidnapping itself. ABC's John Muller has the latest on the story any new details there are new details beyond it's unbelievable she made money selling hot. Hot coffee in one of America's coldest places and now this eighteen year old from Anchorage Alaska is missing -- first police couldn't believe. It was a crime committed they thought maybe she walked away but new surveillance video has police saying she has been kidnapped by a man she didn't know. Across the city of Anchorage police and volunteers are braving sub freezing temperatures and an all out search for eighteen year old Samantha -- The longer we go. Building where Samantha is. -- difficult case cops. Police know nothing about her whereabouts but they have one terrifying -- she was last seen under surveillance camera being morphed away from work by an armed man. They left on foot we know about much but beyond -- -- Her disappearance became a complete mystery. It happened here at this drive -- coffee stand where Samantha worked on her boyfriend arrived Wednesday night she was gone. We're going to get -- -- and she was -- Her father's been frantic. Send my daughter home. I'll give you anything. World. Investigators are not yet releasing the surveillance tape they will only say the abductor was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and possibly a baseball cap. Hampering the investigation this is Alaska in the dead middle of winter the snow piled up blocked motorists from seeing the coffee shop from the road. Friends and family describe Samantha as someone who makes you feel like -- best friends say she was very excited about Valentine's Day. Now the hearts and efforts of an entire community go out to her I don't know my daughters being Fred -- -- she still alive if you've bitten. Any sleep. An interesting footnote here the missing eighteen year old filed a restraining order against a man November but never followed through with court proceedings just the same police say they looked into that angle and they still feel that the kidnapper is a stranger. Police -- there maybe more surveillance videos may -- other businesses in the area that might lead some extra clues and a very extra harsh. Alaska winter.

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{"id":15516698,"title":"Barista Kidnapped at Gunpoint","duration":"2:25","description":"Police are searching for a teen taken against her will by coffee shop robber.","url":"/GMA/video/barista-kidnapped-gunpoint-15516698","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}