Family of 21 Comes to NYC

The Bates family counts 19 children, none of whom are twins.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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women? We're so happy to have the bates family with us. We built special seating to accommodate all of them. They're seated according to age, starting with mom and dad, kelly jo and jill. Then, alyssa, tori, josie, katie, jackson, warden, isaiah,eisaiah, alaley, katie and jeb. I know you describe your life as a simple life. I don't know how simple with 19 kids. What made you decide to have your own reality show? Well, actually -- actually, we had kind of shied away from doing a reality show. But after being on the show with the duggars a few times, we got so many response from our e-mail, people asking questions about 23578ly and the choices we've made, we thought that somehow our mistakes and our successes, ery now and then, we have success, could be encouraging to someone else. Then we thought, maybe we can use it as a platform and encourage other people. To love god, love their family and love others. I have to ask you. I heard a rumor, that maybe when you first got married, you wanted two or three kids. Is that true? That's true. And, kelly, you were focused on your career? How did 19 evolve, from 2 or 3 to 19? We actually thought we wouldn't have as in children. But god showed us how precious children are. And you had a career in nursing. Actually, I majored in human services. Okay. So, you gave it all up for 19 kids. Yes. It's expensive to have kids today. We all know that. You have 19 kids. But here's the amazing thing. You live debt-free, no mortgage, no credit cards, no car loans and no medical insurance. How do you do it? Well, I tell people we try to work hard. We try to find the best buy. And we live within our means. We have the money, we go get it. We don't, we don't. Everything's cash? Everything's cash. That's impressive. I know you've had miscarriages, kelly. You're now 45. It's not easy. Most women are able to have more children. You're 45, do you want more children? Well, we hope so. We are content, whatever the lord wants to give us. If he would like to give us more, we'd welcome into the family. There could be a number 20? That would be a blessing. You heard me rattle off their names. Do you ever get confused? Tongue-tied all the time. Sometimes it's four, or five names before I get the right one. I don't know. Zach, I want to bring you into this. You're the oldest at 23. You're living at home. You're going to college. You're working. Are you having plans to move out? Or are you having too much fun? I'm having fun. But there's going to come a time when I'll have my own family to move out with. The idea of saving money from their dad. They learn from the best. And lawsen, I know you're the family's grocery shopper, correct? Yes, ma'am. What's that like, truly? It's a lot of fun. I'm at the story every other day, at least. How much do you have to buy? A couple of buggies every few days. How many loefs of bread? Eight or nine loaves of bread. Seven or eight gallons of milk. That's incredible. I know you divide chores. You rotate every month. We saw the laundry. My laundry is incredible. How does tha work? Laundry for this many people, you can say is a challenge. Tell me about the socks. Are socks a problem for you all, too? Socks are impossible for our family. It a bucket of dark socks, white sox and between. And you go and match them yourself. How do you like cameras follow you around? It's normal. It's normal now? You like it? Sort of. Everything's sort of. I got that. And torre, I know bathrooms are and bedrooms are issues. Do you get alone time? Oh, yeah. Take a walk in the woods. What's the bathroom situation like, really? They're hard to clean. Erin, what about having 18 mothers and sisters is the most fun? What's the best part of it? There's always a friend.You never lack having somebody to be there to share with you, what you're doing through. I guess that's the best part. Built-in friendships forever. We're going to bring in everyone. We're going to do a lightning round. I want a show of hands when i ask questions. Who wants to have another baby brother or sister? Unanimous. And raise your hand if you want to live here in new york after you visited? Okay. We like to come visit. Sorry. Don't take it personal. I won't. Who wants to have a big family when they grow up? Everyone. Wow. I know you spend a lot of time outdoors. But I wanted to get cultural references if you guys know or heard of. Anyone named justin bieber? I've heard of him. What about kim kardashian? No one? How about "star wars"? Have you heard of or seen a movie called "star wars"? I've never seen the movie. But I've heard of it. I have heard that you like a little football. Football in the family? Whose the football you root for? Tennessee. So many parents are struggling with the few children we have. Do you have advice for parents out there, trying to make ends meet and trying to get kids to behave? We have our moments. I think that training is a process. So, I think for our family, what holds our family together is definitely having a foundation of faith. That's fantastic. We want to thank you all for joining us. We really appreciate it. You've been such good sports. In a few moments, the bates family is going to sing us to break. We want you to know, you can see more of their story tonight on "nightline," and their reality show premieres on tlc, monday, AUGUST 13th. Chris rock will be joining us live, just ahead. But now, I'd like to present to you, the bates family. Go for it, . ♪ Give us something that's deserving ♪ ♪ that's what we are ♪ ♪ we are to thank him

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{"id":16956566,"title":"Family of 21 Comes to NYC","duration":"3:00","description":"The Bates family counts 19 children, none of whom are twins.","url":"/GMA/video/bates-family-19-children-parents-nycs-times-square-16956566","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}