The Bates Family Take Part in First Egg Toss in NYC

Family of 21 takes over the "GAA" studio for a massive, and live, egg toss.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Bates Family Take Part in First Egg Toss in NYC
So you have the show. We want ear about the show on tlc while we do a little fun thing. We know there's been no egg tossing in the bates' family history to this point. So we figured why not? Here we go. Everybody line up. Rolle ca roll call. Let's do it. Here's the deal. Everybody get a partner. C carlin, you help me. Pass itn, pass it down. Here we go, right? What we're going to do is -- you ready? Everybody got an egg? So, you just toss it to your partner, and if you catch it, you take a step back. Okay, liv? Here we go. All right. . Good gil, catch. Tell us about the tv show. Whoo! Okay. Step back a little. Oh. Here we go. All right. One more. Nathan, go deep, go long. Read ready? Hey! Here, mom. Let me see it. Let me see it. Let me see your egg. Oh! That wasn't nice. Yay! . Look at -- you won? Justin, get over here. Whoo! We have a winner in our -- possibly our best idea ever, the bates family egg toss. Very quickly, we do want to hear, while I pull myself together, the show itself, gil, it's not like you had any spare room in the house. Here come all of the cameras, and you're opening up everything. What's it been like? The show has been really fun. our they've went the second mile dealing 19 little kids all of the tame. Having patience, they say they're ready to shoot and we say we'll be a few more minutes. We're just like everybody else. Sort of. I'll say this. Come here. I will say this. The look in hereye, me tell that was happen the moment started. I kept on throwing it harder, and you kept on catching it. She wound up -- I will say, she got a major league arm. We're very impressed. Again, I would thank you all, but we don't have that much time. So I just want to thank you all collectively. They are the bates family. We want you to watch "20/20" tonight again for more on the bates family and the new show "united bates of america" airs monday on tlc. This is what it actually looked

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{"id":16979843,"title":"The Bates Family Take Part in First Egg Toss in NYC","duration":"3:00","description":"Family of 21 takes over the \"GAA\" studio for a massive, and live, egg toss.","url":"/GMA/video/bates-family-part-egg-toss-nyc-16979843","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}