Battle of the 'GMA' All Stars

Becky Worley and Tory Johnson compete to find the best holiday deals.
5:25 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Battle of the 'GMA' All Stars
Every now and then we like to ask two of our favorite expert contributors to go head to head and a little friendly competition. This time -- -- our consumer correspondent Tory Johnson against our technology guru Becky Worley to see -- couldn't get the best deals on some of the hottest gifts of the holiday season. It's the battle of the DNA also -- -- -- Not lose this challenge. What to work it's the ultimate -- of the consumer titans. Becky and -- head to head to see who could bring home the biggest bargains on some of this holiday season's hottest buys hot. Found it. That's and this year we're turning up at. -- wall -- check target. Consumer each morning we'll have to find their steals and deals online while tech -- -- will have to traded shopping on the last toppled within mortar -- up a payroll their goal by a North Face fleece jacket for a price that won't -- them out in the cold -- it ever go on -- very rarely. -- he had trouble finding discounts on the brand name like more face select brands are not eligible -- who find years. Philly fans like. And not -- so she got creative and outdoor supply store REI she took advantage of a customer loyalty program shoppers get 10% of what they stand back at the end of the year so I might get sixteen bucks back in the year I thought -- that -- yes. The -- sold with her 10% rebate Becky gets the police from just under a 150 dollars. Walk home -- gets creative to looking for less common colors that might be cheaper than most. Expensive is usually black so if you're willing to search formed by an alternative color you'll probably find a better deal I chose the insane. Lula. In honor of Becky she also suggest -- the store to see if they have any additional online deals to know if there's any. Extra coupons or special promo codes or anything that's going on right now and the result victory got. North eighth and finale jacket and 9999. Free shipping and no attacks since it's coming from the merchant that's out of state that. Becky couldn't -- that bargain so her colorful fine Torre -- up the victory in round one next up one of the hottest holiday always. An Angry Birds polish I am going to be Angry Birds -- -- Torre found -- options online. But also found that it's important to read the fine print -- even IC one here on Amazon for six dollars and 77 cents. In order to get free shipping -- have to spend 25 dollars. Instead I found another one that's only 775. -- free shipping at a have to spend a penny more -- for. On the West Coast Becky was having trouble finding the angry -- at all. What happened here plush toys but not the Angry Birds were looking up until she hit the jackpot explains -- us -- 99 -- trifecta kind. And I got -- and help -- house. And with that Becky tighten up one point apiece to break -- -- hot accessory for the hottest product of all the iPad. You can find the cheapest wireless keyboard I have. No idea. What a wireless keyboard -- I've had. Should cost from the comfort of her dining -- -- -- the web to find the cheapest option the mini keyboard with a mini priced there's no way that he's eating that much stealing she was even willing to break her own rule because the price of the product -- -- well. I was willing to spring for shipping Becky on the other hand was feeling the pressure. I -- the gadget girl. I have to be able to Torre in this category but she thinks outside the -- and finds a wireless keyboard for -- discontinued HP tablet at a big discount of this also work with the iPad. That he's gamble paid off the keyboard worked. But most of price low enough to beat stories online fine. You'll win the battle of the GMA all stars. Is as heated as the political debates we saw last night Tory Johnson in -- -- earlier joining us this morning -- is joining us via Skype from her home in Oakland California. Let's get tens of fighting words and she did and it's not a trash -- -- a lot of you know. It's not a -- but -- to the -- tally results OK for the wireless keyboard back to you about yours for Twain in nineteen that's a good deal. -- 560. Plus six point nine shipping means 1215. Like you're the winner -- All I know she's devastated but -- I think so much money the shopping sprees on me when you're in New York next time right. And I -- not take that is some hung out there really but she. -- she got to go into stores and -- -- they like it was boring premiere held at the computer and tips for -- -- first thing I would just say is. Don't be tempted when -- getting -- -- -- -- say 30% to 30% up tape to minute and just -- -- on the Internet because you know someone -- -- for sell for 40% to 50% off so do your shopping. -- -- let's say it's never. Get a better time to be a consumer between your Smartphone the Internet and just going into stores especially and local stores. You really have an amazing array of resources partly to thank you great tips -- a lot of finally appreciate your time this morning.

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{"id":15132328,"title":"Battle of the 'GMA' All Stars","duration":"5:25","description":"Becky Worley and Tory Johnson compete to find the best holiday deals. ","url":"/GMA/video/battle-gma-stars-15132328","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}