BB Cream 101: All-in-One Beauty Product a Time Saver

ABC's Becky Worley puts the latest beauty trend to the ultimate test.
2:14 | 10/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for BB Cream 101: All-in-One Beauty Product a Time Saver
From lasagna to beauty cream. We're moving to the all-in-one beauty creams. Could these products be the answer to looking great and saving time every morning. Abc's becky worley puts them to the test. Reporter: Cosmetic ads these days, are all about foundations, invisible. Clean whipped foundation. Reporter: And the newest additions to their arsenal, b.B. And c.C. Creams. That's beauty bomb and color correcting creams. They started in korea. In korea, they want the most perfect skin. Reporter: Dermatologist doris day has had lots of patients asking about the creams and their claims. C.C. Creams are color correcting. And those will help with uneven skin tones. Providing anti-aging and sun protection, all into one products. Reporter: To see how b.B. And c.C. Creams work, I brought my book club, into sephora. We are women of a certain age. Let's call it 39-ish. And we also have a diverse set of skin tones. This is so much better. First look, before and after. I feel great. I don't feel like I'm wearing anything. Reporter: Next, christine. She's the mother of 1-year-old twins now. 1-year-old twins. Reporter: Make her look and feel fabulous. That really covered. Reporter: Finally, camy, before and after. This is the smashbox c.C. Cream. It's a color correcting cream. Reporter: I tried it, too. B.B. Cream. We thought the creams worked best for camy and christine. Brooke and I felt they didn't look as natural on us. And can one product really do it all? What you have to be careful about, is sometimes they have a lot of different things. But they don't do any of them really well. They're not all created equal. Reporter: If you want a foundation/sunscreen combo that goes on light, c.C. And b.B. Creams might be worth a try. Good information.

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{"id":20667758,"title":"BB Cream 101: All-in-One Beauty Product a Time Saver","duration":"2:14","description":"ABC's Becky Worley puts the latest beauty trend to the ultimate test.","url":"/GMA/video/bb-cream-101-beauty-product-time-saver-20667758","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}