Grilling Gurus Face Off in Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

BBQ experts compete in wet sauce vs. dry rub rivalry, scrumptious sides for summer.
2:56 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for Grilling Gurus Face Off in Big Apple Barbecue Block Party
It's our barbecue block party. We've got two great grilling gurus sharing their hot seeks to perfect barbecue. Hill country barbecue's elizabeth karmel and mike -- thank you both for being here and this is really dry versus wet rub, right? A little bit. Ours is definitely very dry. You know it's not dry outside but rain or shiej it's barbecue time. Let's do it. So anyway I've got texas barbecue brisket here and the real secret is to start with a whole untrimmed brisket which i have here and it's a super simple rub, only three thing, kosher salt, brack pepper, enough cayenne to turn it pink. Rub, give people one tip. One tip is don't use too much. That's it. Less is more. Less is more because the real secret is oak and at hill country we truck this in from texaand this is what gives you that beautiful pink smoke ring and that distinctistic flavor and this is super cool. There's the point part of the brisket and then there's the flat part of the brisket so this is the lean part and this is the moist part. A little something for everybody. I never heard josh so quiet. Cucumber salad is delicious. We'll have all your recipes on goodmorningamerica.Com. What is this golan goodness. White corn pudding. Fabulous and combination of the cucumbers, the brisket. The white shoe peg and the banana pudding, a summer meal made for the guys. We have every recipe for you, elizabeth, thank you. Really good. Over to mike. Mike, you've got a different story to tell in terms of barbecue. Yes, we do. We're doing barbecue ribs and one of the main things people want to know is making the sauce and, of course, you'll start out with some ketchup and put this all together. What are the ingredients? This is ketchup. Okay, if you could list them all. A little bit of oil we'll mix together. You got to layer all these -- this is apple cider vinegar. You'll give us all those ingredients on our website so we can make the mike mills secret sauce. Seasoned spice. Amazing. Brown sugar. Awesome. It is an awesome -- worse shirr sauce. You'll saute off some of the grated apple. Some onion and a little bit of green pepper. We also have all these -- we have your deviled eggs. We have -- we got a nice treat, vanilla wafer. Goodmorningamerica.Com. Mike mills, fabulous,

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{"id":19347444,"title":"Grilling Gurus Face Off in Big Apple Barbecue Block Party ","duration":"2:56","description":"BBQ experts compete in wet sauce vs. dry rub rivalry, scrumptious sides for summer.","url":"/GMA/video/bbq-recipes-dry-wet-rubs-grilling-gurus-face-19347444","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}